Fantasiora Part 1

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I stop and turn around dropping my hood and drawing my bow pulling the string back. "You don't sneak up on a nature Kitsune!" I sniff the air catching the persons scent as I was positioned up wind of him/her.
IC: The figure points her crossbow at the kitsune thinking to either flee or fight. Her scent was that of death and decay.
The robed figure turns, hearing the commotion to reveal a beautiful pale face and long curled red hair beneath the hood. She stops playing her harp. "Oh, now what is this?"
I mutter something about sentient undead and lower my bow slowly releasing the tension in the bowstring. I sigh and motion for her to come closer which I knew I would hate myself for later.
IC: The figure moves closer but keeps her crossbow up just in case. As the figure moves in closer the group could tell that it was a woman behind the cloak. She approches to the person who motioned her.
I watch the woman carefully, my hand tightening it's grip on the grip of my gunblade. She had a dark aura like that bow-sword had, marking her as a servant of Chaos. "None of your business. Who are you?" I also had my left hand positioned to slide the kite shield into place should the need arise.
"Who are you? and I guess you are after the mission with the nice reward?" I ask the woman that smelled of death.
IC: The woman's voice was more of a quiet but sharp whisper in her mind. "The reward is needed for those who need it. I hunt for my own reasons as is your reasons."
"No one really to be truthful. Just a traveler. A Wanderess. May I ask who you are?" She asks politely.
I sigh and shake my head before turning and moving past the group and past the other woman that had been in front of us. Perhaps being in a group was beneficial at times but I wasn't really feeling it at the moment.
IC: The figure puts her crossbow away before following something telling her it would be best. She kept behind the woman who had caught her mainly to keep an eye on her.
I glance over my shoulder and growl softly. "What do you want?"
IC: "Knowledge of this hunter." The figure says this time not as sharply.
I give her a quizical look as I continue towards the tomb. "What?"
IC: "Are my words not correct? I seak knowledge of you" She repeats still behind the woman.
"Eh ... they are it's just confusing how you are wording everything." I shake my head. "Probably won't get much out of me miss 'sentient undead'."
IC: "Undead? I do not understand I am not dead." The figure says. "I am Maya a seeker of lost knowledge... What is this huntress name?"
"Well you sure as hell smell like it." I glance back at her and behind her to see the others a good deal away. "Look I don't like giving my name out to complete strangers."
IC: "Smells can deceive.. I have given my name why shall you not give your's?" She asks coming closer the smell however staying the same. smelling distance yet near.
"Your still a stranger to me ..." I was curious as to what was up with that smell but wasn't about to ask about it.

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