Fantasiora Part 1

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IC: "very rude where I come from to not give name when a name has been given.. My name is Maya Shorstone what is your's?" She asks again pushing more and more to find her name.
I sigh and groan disliking myself for caving. "Araea. My name is Araea."
IC: The figure plocks a bug off of Araea back and holds it in her glove covered hand before speaking. "Greetings then Araea the huntress"
I just nod. "Not really a huntress but whatever. what about you?"
IC: Maya steps infront of her and Araea could see into her clock but only saw shadows and a hint of bone. "A seeker" she says
"You're using illusions bound to that cloak aren't you?"
IC: "Enchantments have their uses in this world... A huntress does not let her prey see her does she not." Maya asks her voice still sounding like it was coming from Araea's mind
"Once more, it's none of your business." I motion to Al to keep walking and do so myself, keeping an eye on the "Wandress." As a just in case measure, I drew the gunblade to discourage violence.
Noting the other two arrivals, I roll my eyes;
"What is this, the local meeting spot?"
"True ... but why, well I guess I'm really asking what, are you hiding?" I ask curiosity getting the better of me.
"Fine then, Guild Leader." The wanderess says as she disembarks. As she passes the thief, she slaps him. "Excuse me, but I was ahead of your little group." She continues after that.
IC: "I have grown distrustful of people... Those who would hunt the ones who mean no harm.. that is why I hide." Maya says still in front of her.
I nod and move up so I am walking beside Maya. "Yeah ... I know the feeling. What are you hiding though?"
IC: "Does it truly matter what I hide?" Maya says walking beside Araea.
I shrug and look her over debating whether to try can get the cloak off her by force or not. "No not really I guess." I suddenly jump on her and quickly strip her of the cloak curiosity and playfulness getting the better of me.
IC: Maya struggles and fights back but fails as her whole clock is ripped off of her. Maya had long wolf like ear with shiny black fur, She has dark blue eyes and heavy eye shadow that brought out the color of her eyes and though she has a very pale skin and black lipstick on her lips. Her hair is long and same color as her fur but she has strains going down her face pulled together with multi colored beads. She quickly tries to pull the clock back over herself.
"What are you?" I ask as I let her pull the cloak back over herself and keep walking. I was curious and mystified by her appearance.
Watching the dark fantasia user vanish back into the woods, I sigh and shake my head, holstering the gunblade and continuing down the path. The silence was worrisome though. Normally the howls of wolf creatures and other monsters should be heard by now. "Not a good sign..." I mutter.
IC: Maya kept the clock over her as she laid on the ground seeming to hide from the sun. "I'm a mozan.. I just don't like the sun is all." She says her voice sounding beauiful and soft no longer coming from inside Araea head.
"Never met a ... Mozan before ... you seem like your a vampire also." I offer my hand to help her up.

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