Fantasiora Part 1

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IC: "The sun seems to disagree with me is all." Maya says taking her hand to get up putting the cloak back on but leaving the hood down.
"OK ... sorry about that by the way. Sometimes I just can't hold back my curiosity and playfulness which reminds me ..." I close my eyes and concentrate for a moment before a bunch of squirrels assault the group behind us. They don't actually try to do harm just bog them down for a moment. "Oh I somewhat wish I was back there watching ..."
IC: "That is an interesting power." Maya says closing up the front part of her cloak before Araea could see what was under it. "So why are you on this quest if i maybe so bold to ask."
I shrug. "I might not care for humans a lot but I still like to help where I can. And I usually work alone but I think I might have found a reason to not travel alone anymore ..."
IC: "Traveling along does get old very quickly if you ask me." Maya replies walking beside her but keeping enough distance just incase.
Ha, that group dispersed in case you missed it.

IC: Kicking a squirrel into the underbrush, a single long, harsh howl echoes through the trees, silencing all the wildlife and causing me to freeze mid curse word. Looking in it's direction, I take off down the path at a sprint, catching up to and passing the two anthros. "Move your rear ends!" Another howl rings out, from the same source, but this time it recievess an answering howl from the other side of the path, indicating a pack of somekind was onto us.
? No it didn't ...

IC: "Yeah." I glance at the human as I hear the howls and stretch out my mind searching for the animals responsible as I take off after him.
IC: Maya pulls out her two daggers that look as though they were made out of bone and quickly follows the human. All the while she was visioning runes in her mind.
IC: I put my hand on Yin's hilt, immediately moving a lot faster, even to the point where i even surpass the guild leader. "You're gonna have to do better than that!" i call

OOC: it be cool if we could have separate adventuring groups. remember in this RP you don't have to work together with everyone but just a suggestion
"It's not a race, kid!" Another howl with two answers. The pack was moving in for the attack. Leaping into the air and twisting around and drawing my gunblade, firing into the underbrush behind us, resulting in a yipe. Landing at a roll, I keep going. "We need to reach a clearing!"
IC: "screw that! they're just wolves!" i say spinning around and stabbing one in the leg and slashing another one across the throat. The rest of the pack growls menacingly towards me until i put my hand on yang's hilt for a split second as those growls became whimpers and they all ran away.
IC: Maya had trapped one inside of a massive growth of vines when it had jumped at her. The wolf cried out as the poison did its job killing it with in minutes. "What upset them?" She ask her hood not hiding her face as much so they could see her pale face but the sun would not shine on it.
I glance back and curse, spinning and putting a bullet into a wolf that had shifted forms into a three headed snake. "Keep moving! They aren't finished yet!"

OOC: I know you're DM D, but see what I got first at least.
I sigh and keep moving my eyes closed yet I didn't get caught by a single hole or root. "Don't know don't really care."
IC: Maya starts to hurry again moving at the same speed of Araea.. "I hope the clearing isn't far"
The howls pick up pace as snake heads begin to strike from seemingly every direction. Gunshots from me can be heard every now and then. "Not much further!" Leading over a sneaky one, I roll into the clearing, kite shield sliding into place in my left hand and gunblade ready to fire.
"Its not ... only about 30 meters ahead ..." I keep running my eyes still closed as I start to drain the things following us of energy but I don't take it in I put it into the forest.
IC: Maya jumped into the clearing pulling out her crossbow to shoot what ever wolf tried to follow into the clearing as she chanted.
OOC: well you can't just suddenly DM Zark you gotta give me a head up
Would have if you'd been on. Originally posted to give us something to do. Now, hopefully, it'll split us up. I'll leave it in your hands.

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