Fantasiora Part 1

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OOC: Just waiting on you to make a dm post darkra
IC: the group takes a set of different turns to run away from the pack. The thief(War) and the Dark sorceress(Steel) are in one group. the Newbie the guild leader(Zark) and the Wandress are in another.
ahem ... forgot me but I'm going with steel.
As the howls start, I break into a dead run, staying right on the heels of the Kitsune.

Darkra, I was thinking of doing some stuff for the political situation, mainly just a bunch of argumentative lords who don't really get along but also have no interest in open war. (partially as a side plot for my char)
I growl quietly as I run Maya by my side and the other person I didn't know the name of right behind. I had my eyes closed as we run searching for the pack with my Natures might ability.
Three shots ring out, one for each head that was chasing Al. "Back off, ya wankers!"
IC: Maya stops chanting and runs faster following Araea keeping her hood down as she ran. "Where are we heading to. Running just to get away may make us lost."
OOC: you'll get free time to do sub plots after the temple thing is done

IC: "damn we seemed to have gotten separated...... well might as well head for the temple, it seems as though we ran for a good bit." I say gesturing to the looming building in the distance
I smile and keep moving my eye still closed. "Just follow me I'm still heading for the tomb. The others are just running to get away."
Risking a quick peek behind me, I curse and run faster;
"We'd better pick it up then... those bloody things are gaining on us.."
I get out in between breaths.
IC: Maya nods and picks up her pace moving faster to the temple.
I draw my bow and start to drain the creatures of energy. "Just keep moving." I tap my cloak and it vanishes like a shadow in light. (See 'clothes' picture in charsheet for clothing currently worn.) Golden fur covers most of my body. White fur covers my inner ears, hands and forearms, digigrade paw-like feet and lower leg, the tips of my four tails and from the lower part of my half-muzzle down the front of my throat and front torso down to my crotch. A white heart shape can be half seen on my rear and inner thighs connecting with the white fur on my lower legs. All of the supple curves my well toned body possesses on display and I don't really care greatly. I turn my upper body so I can get a clear shot at the creatures with my bow and loose a few energy arrows into them.
IC: Maya almost gasps once she saw what Araea looked like but she kept running with her hood down. If the creatures got any closer to her she knew her ancestors would protect her just like the protected her clan. Around her body were two dark orbs that seem to vanish and appear in different places around her.
Silently cursing my sentimental good will, I spin and slid to a stop. Curling my hands into fists, a pair of Katars snap into place with an audible click;
"I'll lend a hand... it's the least that I can do..."
I hear myself say as I watch the wolves rush in.
I stop and turn around drawing ever more energy from the wolves. I keep firing energy arrows past Malek and into the wolves. "Don't do anything stupid please ..."
IC: Maya stops knowing that even if she got to the temple without them she would need their help inside of it. She pulls out her x-bow and starts firing into the wolves as the two black orbs materilize into bonelord ghosts (see Morrowind Bonelord picture) that started to confuse the wolves and stop them from getting too close to Araea or the other stranger whom she did not know yet.
I laugh, a distant sounding noise;
"I've got one to many things left to anything like that..."
I find myself saying as I dive forward. Sliding on my knees under the first wolf, slitting his belly open from throat to groin.
"Crazy human ..." I mutter to myself as I shoot a couple wolves in the eye killing them instantly.
IC: Maya kept firing at the wolves has the spirits attacked and confussed the wolves. "I think we should keep heading to the temple as we thin their numbers down." She says quickly firing more bolts into the wolves killing them.
"Sounds like a good idea but the stranger doesn't seem have much when it comes to ranged weapons." I take out another couple of wolves hitting weak points on their bodies for instant death.

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