Fantasiora Part 1

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Sliding free, I get another wolf in the throat. Using it's momentum to my advantage, I throw the wolf over my shoulder. Twisting, I slip to my feet, warily watching the remaining wolves as they suddenly turn tail and vanish into the woods, the attack having gone badly.
IC: "Well I guess we can now continue to the temple." Maya says as the two spirits disappear.
"Agreed." I start towards the temple at a semi leisurely pace after that hard run.
IC: Maya slows down to more of a light jogging speed as she looked around. "how far to the temple?"
Giving the dead wolves one last look, I sigh and shake my head before following the other two;
"I think we've got the time for proper introductions now. Name's Malek."
"Shouldn't be terribly far. My name is Araea."
IC: "My name is Maya.. lets hurry I do not like the sun all that much." She says hurrying a little bit more.
Nodding, I pull out a well-worn rag and start wiping my blades clean. After a moment, I give Araea a pointed look;
"Not that your fur doesn't do a decent job, but would you mind getting some clothes again? You're a bit on the nude side."
I smile mischievously at Malek. "You humans are so weird when it comes to clothing and no I don't think I will." I speed up so I'm along side Maya.
OOC: i just realized i accidentally put all of the rangers on one team and the melees on the other XD i also accidentally separated by gender as well
OOC: Keep it as it is should be interesting and war is melee and lost and I are ranged well I'm mixed.

IC: "Araea would you please put your cloak back on." Maya says still hurrying to the temple. "I'm not saying your bo----I mean fur isn't beautiful but I think it wise to be clothed.."
I narrow my eyes at Maya, a little bit curious and confused, keeping pace with her. I sigh and nod. "Fine." My cloak materializes on its own.
IC: "thank you" Maya says continuing. "Is this the right way to the temple?"
I nod. "Yeah."
IC: "How much farther do we have to go?" maya asks picking up her pace a little more.
"None." I say as we come across a clearing with the tomb. The path we had been following ending at the tomb.
IC: "Finally we have reached it or something.. I thought we were heading to a temple why are have we stoped at a tomb." Maya asks trying to find some shade.
The Wanderess had separated from the guild leader and adventurer, having disappeared into the forest, and arrives near the tomb to see the others already there. She sighs and her harp changes into a bow and she approaches the small group. "Please move so I may pass."

"Wanderess isn't exactly a melee. With her Deadly Aim she seems a bit more range based."
"I'm not saying your bo----I mean fur isn't beautiful but I think it wise to be clothed.."

At Maya's comment, I give her an amused look. Chuckling, I shake my head and slip my hood on.
I sigh and shrug advancing toward the tomb paying the wandress no mind.

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