[Question] How far will the developers go?

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I am seriously considering getting back into full blown mapping. There's a long history about this but I think, considering the Lead Designer position is open, that we know it all happened.

However I still like making video games (some of my college home work involved making very basic video games) and I don't have the time for a more dedicated mod. Plus I have some ideas I want to try.

I've also solved a few old problems. One is I've finally figured out how to make squads that function as one unit (as in are one unit). Turned out to be pretty simple.

The other, more important for everyone, thing I've figured out how to make alternate build animations for structures that don't have a separate build model using actors. Its essentially a opacity system controlled by events in the build progress actor. Nothing too fancy just took a new perspective.

Now onto the question:

I'm thinking of hosting sort of "mapping parties" every weekend for a few hours were we can all get together on Skype and make maps and help each other out. This can work at all because its being hosted by someone who can answer the bulk of the questions himself.

But my last suggestion didn't get very far. Its nobodies fault specifically but there is a point that needs to be made. And I heard someone warn about it.

Any effort to revive the player base and bring back old customers to play maps and eventually upgrade to Heart of the Swarm is going to have to be, initially at least, run by Blizzard directly. All community efforts have failed.

Question 1:
Does Blizzard intent to allocate significant resources and man power to try and revive the arcade and get some customers back?

Question 2:
How far can the currently posting developers go to "sponsor" and "organize" any community efforts to at least partially revive the arcade?

Question 3:
Is Blizzard willing to hire a person from the community to head the scene? Because there is, in my mind, one candidate that no one can argue with. DrSuperGood/DrSuperEvil (Hive and Mapster) is a Brit who seems to have enough time to spare to sit down and help people with mapping and figure the hard stuff out.

More ever he and OneTwoSC are the only commonly known mappers (to me at least) who are universally respected at all levels. The idea is the mapping community might take more interest if it's being led by one of their own.

And I have left OneTwoSC off that list for the exclusive reason that he is no longer active.

Now, in my mind, the only answer I can reasonably expect from the blues supposedly in charge of these forums is question 2. The reason being is that I don't think question 2 needs to be kicked upstairs where it will then be lost.

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