The Gate Project II

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I whistle;
"Damn. That's bad news. Between the plasma weapons and outclassing a zealot, I looking forward to running into these guys less and less."
I sigh and rub my eyes shutting off my computer and getting up. "Aya love I'm done." I set her glasses back on her and shake her gently.
After listening to the Protoss, I turn to Rave.

"Yes, sir." I say, setting out towards where the blood trail goes, being careful and studying my surroundings.
[Aya] Aya slowly wakes up and looks at Jack with a tired smile. "hmmm? what I miss" in a sleepy tone

[Wild life] The penny rats look at the group a little longer before leaving with their food once again people could swear they poped the bird at the group as they left.
Shaking my head at the wildlife, I return to searching;
"You know, unless there's any objections, I say we call this place Darwin's Joke."
I continue down the trail, now a good ways from the main group, still being extremely cautious, looking around almost constantly. No need to make pointless mistakes.
"Leave the naming to the eggheads. We're just here to clear the LZ, so to speak."
I just smile and kiss Aya. "Nothing other than me working."
[aya] She returned the kiss before yawning again. "So are you done for now?" she asks still halfway asleep.
"Yes." I offer my hand to help Aya up.
[aya] She let out another yawn as she looked at Jack before taking his hand to get up. "So what do you have to go do now?"
"Nothing I'm free for the rest of the evening and night." I pull her up and into a hug. "Ya know if you weren't effectively blind without your glasses I would insist you not wear them more."
[Aya] "I like my glasses." She says returning the hug. "Can we head back to our room now?"
"Yes we can. They are nice glasses and you look beautiful with them."

Alvara finds Ta'dor's body laying on the ground twin punctures in his gut.
"Oh god..." I say, looking at the body for a moment. I continue forward looking around to see if there's anything else of interest, while radioing the others.

{Found the Protoss. He's dead.} I say solemnly.
There were obvious signs of a fight though it didn't look like it had lasted very long.
[Translated (and flowery language removed) for your convenience]

A horse shoe shaped council table, sitting fifteen on the outer edge, has gathered to ascertain the nature of this new discovery. The leader of the alien group (his wound has been treated) stands in the center, and well below the table's level.
"Where is the human now?" Asks one of the council.

"It is in one of the isolation rooms. It has shown a surprising ability to learn our language, but it has difficulty presenting the correct honorific tones in its words. One of my troops is with it now, teaching."

Two members of the council could not contain their fury. "You would teach a human our language? Those are the actions of a hieratic!" and the other: "Unforgivable! We must put a stop to it!"

The council leader held up a hand for silence. "Why have you done this War-Master?"

"Because of the other being with the human. It had a set of blades that were similar to he holy blades of the masters. If we teach the human our language, he can answer our questions."

One of the unhappy council members interrupted. "You did reclaim the Master's blades, yes?"

"No elder. I did not. They were bound to his will, when I slew him, the blades died. They appeared to be part of him."

This stet the entire council muttering to one another. Once again the leader held up his hand for silence. "We will allow this... distasteful teaching, but you will do it. And at the same time, you will learn this human's language. You are shamed. I strip you of your rank and title. Leave, you are unfit to be in our presence."

The ex-leader bowed his head and removed his armored helm. His entire life's work had just been stripped from him, and now he was shamed... All for one choice. He placed the helm gently on the ground. "I live only to serve the Masters." He stood and left.
[aya] She held onto him, her legs a little wobbly. "Lets go back then" she says with a smile.
I put my arm around her waist helping to keep her steady. "OK dear." I smile and walk with Aya beside me to our room.
[Aya] She let out another long yawn as they entered their room. She quickly let go of Jack to pull her cloths off of her night gown before laying down in the bed her eyes still watching Jack.

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