The Gate Project II

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"Did you bring a swimsuit?" I ask as we walk my arm around her waist supportively.

"Yes but it will take about 30 minutes for the biogel to fully heal the wound." She says still holding on to him.
Mareesa followed behind Rave and the Xeno after the battle. She looks at the two, and speaks in her native Latin. "Quod habet nomen populi tui?" She asks him in her curiosity, her helmet on. The translating script discovered allowed for him to understand it as the English immediately after. "What is the name of your people?"
I'm in a jungle with five other squadmates. A sniper, a medic, another assault, and two fire support. Also with us are two scientist-soldiers, each armed with an Assault Rifle. A voice comes over the radio, our commander on this mission.

{Here's your first real test. You're some of the best the Dominion have to offer, now it's do or die.} We all check our guns once more before spreading out, me and the other Assault Kevin, up front. We carefully move forward, knowing that these rebels could be anywhere, and they're armed and dangerous. Suddenly, Kevin spots something. "Hostiles!" He yells, and we open fire. The two enemies are caught unaware, and are gunned down instantly.

We continue moving forward, before coming to a grey stone building. We move inside, maintaining standard procedure, when Alex, the medic, sees something up ahead. A vague green light.

What we came for.

OOC: Italics are flashbacks.
"OK. Why don't we go to our room and rest a bit while we wait?"
OOC: He will be speaking Gaelic, but I am translating. (Mostly because I have no idea how to speak every word in Gaelic.)
you still don't need the Italics.
OOC: Yeah, I apologize for that, and removed it.

"Sounds good to me.. lest I was able to get out plants growing we should have food by next week." She says as they walk into their room.
I have Aya lay down on the bed before sitting on a chair looking out the window.

Aya laid on the bed watching as she pulled her shirt up over her stomach and rubbed it gently.
I raise an eyebrow. "You guyws really are strict, aren't you?"
Warning finish what you can next thread takes place a week from now.
Kevin moves up front, me behind him by a few steps. Me and him, being the two assaults in our training group, were pretty decent friends. We were probably within about 20 feet of the objective when Kevin stopped. "Everyone, halt......look." He said. We all did. I don't even remember what the hell we saw, but it was incredible.

{Sir, we are at the object. Awaiting further instructions.} I radioed the Commander, as we hadn't been given details on the exact objective of this mission beforehand. A pretty stupid mistake, looking back.

{One of you, approach the object, then, the scientists can follow and see what they can make of it.}

I have no idea why we didn't wonder why we had to approach it first. I think now Kevin realized why, and that's why he started moving forward. {Stay back, secure the area, form a defensive perimeter." He said, as he was our field commander. When he got too close....there was a flash of light. We didn't know what the hell had happened. But when I looked back, he had died. He'd sacrificed himself. I don't know where I'll end up, but I knew right then that Kevin was going to Heaven, or whatever was in it's place.

The scientists move forward after, as if they knew he was going to die. Everyone formed up, and they studied it for a minute. Then the sniper, who had some detection tech, said something.
"Bogeys inbound. A lot. Hurry the hell up!" He yelled, but the scientists took their time. They wanted to make sure they got everything, I guess. Damn them. Pretty soon, it started to become hell on Earth, or, wherever we were. I don't remember.

The Sniper went down first, then one of the scientists got killed. The other said we needed to get out, and told the others to buy time. I was supposed to go with him, make sure he got back to the ship. I followed him, and I heard screams behind me as the rest of the squad went down. I never looked back. We got outside, me leading the way, when we looked at where the ship was. I swear to god, that was bittersweet. Getting away, leaving whoever might be left to die....but we had to go in.

After we got back, the Commander congratulated me on getting the one back, considering how high-risk the mission was. I told him how I felt, how I thought we should have gotten out, how my friends...the only people in my life could have lived. And he said, "They sacrificed themselves to make sure the scientist was safe. I'm sure they're happy with the way it turned out."

Then, I woke up, sweating profusely. I didn't go back to sleep that night.
I turn to look at Aya smiling softly. "Aya ... I have something I should tell you."

"What is it jack?" She asks still rubbing her stomach as the wound in her rib was almost gone.
I get up and walk over to her. "I should have told you about this a while ago but ... I can manipulate even ... 'see' electro-magnetic energy." I ready myself for the worst.

She nods. "Umm ok I see where that is useful"
"Please don't freak out but I've used it on you before. Only when we first got together in bed and earlier today when you were freaking out about getting shot." I tentatively rest a hand on her stomach and sit beside her still half expecting her to freak out on me.

Aya looked at him with a blank look. "You what without telling me?"

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