The Gate Project II

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I remove my shirt and pants crawling into bed with her still wearing my boxers. I sigh as I lay down and look out the window the sun getting close to setting. I smile at Aya and caress her cheek lovingly.
[Aya] She lays her head down and rests it on his chest hearing his heart beat as her arms wrap around him. "Well not as pretty as our honeymoon suite but I really like this room."
I place my arm around her slowly stroking her hair gently. "Agreed."
[Aya] She smiled more and snuggled closer to him, her body a little colder then normal. "We never really talked about names for our child."
"Does it really matter right now? and you seem colder than you should be."
[Aya] "well I have a little parasite in me at the moment Doctors say I have about 5 more months before it leaves my body." She jokes moving his hand over her stomach. "I was thinking Zoey if its a girl or Zack if it is a boy."
"Sounds good to me and you still shouldn't be quite so cold." I let my hand rest on her stomach as the other continues to stroke her hair.
[Aya] "I guess you will just need to keep me warm tonight." She ways kissing him gently as she pulls the covers up closer.
"I guess so." I hold her close, firmly yet loosely so she could get up if she wanted.
[Aya] She moves up so her chin rests on his shoulder. After a quick kiss on his cheek she drifts off to sleep her hand over his chest.

[Wildlife] Another pack of Penny Rats walk by the team on the planet not seeming to be bothered by the group at all.
AXeDD looks at the gates dialing pad. "Proper gear may allow to find last dialed address via fingerprints. If successful, unwise to go through. Hostiles appear too well equipped." It had followed the team through.

Mareesa, having finished changing into simple fabrics, meets with Nelgi to learn about the reports from the scouting teams. "It was reported that the ship that floats above the ocean has had movement in it, it's uncertain, but we are wary of it. Other than that, everything is the same." Nelgi says.

"I will see for myself tomorrow, if so, we will need to be fully prepared for the threat." Mareesa says in response before she breaks off to grab herself some food.
As you mention finger-prints a series of symbols lights up on the device. Seven of them. And not this planet's address or your home base.

An officer off to one side yells: "Everyone take cover!"
Everyone dives for the bushes and levels their weapons at the gate. The gate flares as the dialing completes and everything is quiet for a few seconds.

Then something sleek and purple comes flying out of the gate at about sixty miles per hour (100Kph) making a noise like nothing you have ever heard before.


It veers sharply upward, climbing rapidly into the air and leaving a pair of contrails less than three meters apart.

"Did they just shove and AIRPLANE through the gate?!" One panicked private yells.
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[wild life in the city] A small magot looking creature slowly inches it way towards Irroan. As soon as it reaches him it burrows into his skin quickly finding its way to his blood stream causing a sharp like a needle as it burrowed into him.
That's harsh, Steel. Real harsh. And I can post from my comp, but DA chat rooms are a no go at the moment, so...yeah.

IC: I follow the path of the machine until it's out of sight then nod. "That they did. AxeDD, you see the runes that lit up?"
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"Yes. My belief of it being unwise to pass through has been strengthened by that ship. I am adamant about not dialing the address for this force. I suggest we gather either more numbers or an infiltration force before going through." AXeDD replies.

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