The Gate Project II

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OOC: Oh God........Wake me up....Don't disfigure me for life XD

In the coma I dreamt of the day I was accepted into the experiment program on the fringe world of Javen IV. I walk through the halls to the implantation room as if were yesterday. After being strapped to the surgery table I noticed something off.....The walls were FEEKING BLEEDING MAGGOTS!
ooc: That would have woken him up...

[worm inside Irroan] Continues to swim in his blood stream causeing enough pain to wake the person up.

OOC: Still would be awake by now and feeling the worm
Waking to the excruciating pain underneath my skin, I howl out in pain as whatever was inside me squirm in the bloodstream.
OOC: .... ok annoyed now at that change still would have bleed out so now doing this post...

IC: The Nurses in medbay had stripped him out of his armor and weapons. As they hear his scream they rush to him and quickly hold him down as a Doctor asks "Whats wrong whats hurting you."
OOC: Stream? Also I killed the worm right?
he meant scream and no you didn't.
OOC: *Maniacal Laughter* Deeper my pet! Deeper!
Anyways, Irroan should seriously self-automate his "I-get-high-a-lot-itis" cycles [Purely medical I guess] or people will induce pain. Unless you want this maggot in you again.
{Mumbles about sub-plot and giant flies.}
OOC: No.. useing some dm powers to ignore your post since your not making sense to me and the stuff you did would have killed you...

IC: The doctor see a small bludge in his arm he quickly pulls a scanner out and x-rays into the skin to see a small maggot like creature cleaning the walls of his viens somehow not blocking the blood flow.. The pain now was bearly there but Irroan would feel like something was slithering into him. "Hold him still this doesn't make sense to me." He says grabing clamps and a scalpe.
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Irroan should seriously self-automate his "I-get-high-a-lot-itis" cycles

OOC: I'm extremely confused by this...

I looked it over one last time, before heading back to where we were. "I'm sorry, the Protoss is dead." I say to the Protoss, just in case the radio didn't come through.
IC: The doctor cuts into his arm quickly clamping the viens so he doesn't bleed out as he pulls the maggot from Irroan arm and puts it in a jar before patching Irroan up and also does another scan and thinks outloud. "Maybe we should have left it in you.. Your viens are now clean and flowing better... huh this small hole is where it entered and look at it.. almost fully healed.."
Wide eyed I exclaim, "What is this crazy thing! I've never see anything like this before doc."
[Doctor] "I think it is a bloodmagot... we translated a little bit of the data base here.. These worms litterly live in live animals and cleans the veins promoting better bloodflow and healthier heart... So far the only draw back we've seen is that is causes pain untill it gets settled." The doctor says looking at the worm. "You want it back in.. you have pretty flithy veins."
....*freaking space donuts*..." all it does is clean my veins?"
OOC: Freaking space donuts??? going to bed now

[Doctor] "Yes and it seems to be native to this planet." The doctor say still looking at the bloodmagot
OOC: Dirty veins from all the Space Donuts XD

"Hmm...Can I keep it? Like keep it for awhile first?"
"Good call. Radio that back to the Colonel. I'm gonna see where that ship was heading." Climbing up a tree, I set off in the direction I'd seen the ship go, keeping tabs on the direction I'd come from.

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Shaking my head, I watch the contrails disappear into the distance;
"That was gutsy... but I wonder why they, whoever 'they' happen to be, did that?..."
I ask aloud.

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