Why are Korean players so good?

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this is intended to be a thread where we talk about :

"what koreans got that make them good."

cause it is obvious we got a very localized area of starcraft experts.

i think it is the local leagues and higher prize pools.

what you think?
Because they play a lot and it is widely socially accepted from being popular in BW
They eat and breathe StarCraft 2, and most practice for about 15 hours a day in very social team houses so they can improve quicker. Sometimes they play for around 20 hours, they just are far more dedicated and have better mindsets than others around the world. It's also apart of their culture and is accepted on a much higher scale.
They have better training regimens.
They have better training regimens.
Having 20 teammates and multiple coaches as well as living in a gaming house isn't comparable to the practice NA / EU players who ladder for practice get.
Because in Korea Starcraft and Starcraft 2 are professional sports.

The same reason Canada, Russia, Sweden, etc are good at hockey.

Or South America, and Europe being good at football.

Or North America being good at handegg.
They have better training regimens
i think it is the local league

You touched on part of it, but it's really the infrastructure as a whole. You can ask most any foreigner, and what sets them apart- it's not that foreigners are lazy. But no matter how much personal effort you put into it, you can't keep up with that entire support system.

And infrastructure is a lot of things. Having coaches, the cash flow to support it, being able to legit play as a living, team houses, etc. They also tend to be in better physical shape (some korean houses have mandatory gym time, etc). All of that plays a role.

Most of them also tend to play more (avg foreigner practices 6-8 hrs a day, koreans are closer to 8-10)
There is also very much an entire culture behind it.

There are people who are willing to pay to watch it as a professional sport. Which gives the money for the infrastructure.
Genetics mostly.
Genetics mostly.

Not at all. Natural talent doesn't exist in Starcraft unless you're Flash or Jaedong. Any other good player is there due to hard work.
The flaws of the WCS global system.

3 regions! US Europe and Korea!

Ro8 represent all 3 regions!

But they're all Korean.
Culture of hard work and dedication.

You have frat teams like EG living in a house in Arizona with their girlfriends and dogs, with a pool out back and having BBQs every other day. I won't speculate on drug use, but I'm willing to bet there are more than a few pot smokers in that crowd.

Juxtaposed by...

Serious KR teams, sleeping in bunk beds, sticking to a strict schedule of 16 hours of playing and exercise. Get up, shower, eat, practice, nap, exercise, eat, practice, eat, practice, sleep. Repeat tomorrow. No BBQs. No movie night. No girlfriends. No drugs.

Having trouble holding 8 gate +2 attacks as Zerg? You are going to play 100+ games versus Parting and he is going to do an 8 gate +2 attack on you every single game until you can hold it. Having trouble holding Ling/Bane/Roach all-ins as Terran? You're going to play 100+ games versus Life and he is going to Ling/Bane/Roach all-in you every game until you can hold it. Teams work together. Players work together. If they identify a weakness in your game, they will make you practice that aspect until you bleed from your fingernails.

You're slacking off and playing Desert Strike instead of practicing? You are kicked out of the house immediately and swapped with any one of 500 players waiting to replace you. You are shunned by the gaming community and most likely by your family as well.
whoa, nice points, apparently this must be on the back of our minds all along.

We do have game houses in the US, but for some reason, they are not as supported as compared to Korea.

I watched some GomTV games, and every now and then, they interview the gamer's parents, and they are REALLY supportive about it...

If I grew up with parents like that.. I would be SOOOOOOOOOO happy.
they start playing seriously at a younger age.

the younger foreigner gamers might be talented but mostly just hero ladder, not train in a disciplined manner with the older players.

i think that's part of it. along with "train in a disciplined manner, period"
Its all of the things people listed, and those things are true and came about because of how hugely popular broodwar was in Korea.
whoa, nice points, apparently this must be on the back of our minds all along.

We do have game houses in the US, but for some reason, they are not as supported as compared to Korea.

You might want to check out recent vods of talk shows like Inside the Game or Meta. It's a pretty common topic, and it just so happens to have come up pretty recently, especially with Root.Catz somewhat kind of becoming a spokesperson, now that root is trying to start it's own house. (as well as WCS etc)
I also think given the standard of living's difference, in the US for people to be more 'committed' to living a pro-gamer's life, the reward needs to be much higher.

but then again, the reward is a circle of demand and supply.

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