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So, I got this little number a while back, and just found it again while cleaning the room... Needless to say, shortly after words my cleaning efforts were abandoned in favor of trying to figure out how I could key bind this bad boy for use in SC2... So far my only, and major problem, is figuring out how to make control groups readily accessible...

I'm thinking that I should leave the tab key alone(01 on the pad) and just move my right hand off mouse to click the 1 on the right side directional pad/calculator setup on the right side of the normal keyboard... My other option is to bind groups one and two to the two extra buttons on my mouse... Not sure if it will work, though... Haven't tried yet >.<

So, any suggestions, comments, concerns or complaints regarding this idea?
So, been trying this out, was a pain to set it up, but now I am winning against hard AI using half the AMP I used to... of course, it might help that I am getting better at timing attacks, and that I power to SH if I see my enemy lacks air units.
I am interested to know what you came up with. I have to use one of these gamepads also. I am considering rehotkeying all the zerg abilities to share the same three keys :)
Well, I basically went in and redid most all of the hotkeys in the settings, and labeled the 'profile' rex. As you may or may not know, the pad itself can -not- be changed... And it's forced standard layout is as follows.

01(tab) 02(q) 03(w) 04(e) 05(r)
06(cap) 07(a) 08(s) 09(d) 10(f)
11(shift) 12(z) 13(x) 14(c)

I basically took every key on the 'action/ability/command card, and hotkeyed them to the locations on the pad that corresponds to their location on the 'card'. In this way, nearly ALL special abilities are bound to 11-13. with 01-06 being most all basic commands. with attack being 06, and burrow being 10.

The main problem I am having with it is for control groups... So far I have it bound so groups 1 and 2 are bound to the two thumb buttons on my mouse. If I were to get one of thouse elite gaming mouses... mice, meaces? Mouse things with a dozen or so numbered button for the thumb, I could bind THOSE for control groups.
That's what I started messing with yesterday. I set up location and shift-location, group and shift-group hotkeys. I don't hotkey for special abilities yet, not to that point, but that seemed like a good place to start.

but I did hotkey burrow since I do actually use that fairly often. and I use 7 for attack, but 6 seems reasonable too.

So it doesn't sound like I will have to go in to every unit and reset all their hotkeys
Not sure if you saw my edited stuff in last post >.<
Why don't you have a button to center your bases
(for injects - it's typically backspace but most people remap it to the spacebar)

and two control groups seems awfully hard to utilize

i use 1-3 for army units
4 for queens
5 for bases
7 remapped to ` for creep queens
8-10 mapped to f123 for evo chambers, nydus worms and other misc stuff

-edit- i found the other user's post on why he was going to try to use a keypad, but what is your reasoning?
it seems like a lot of work to:
a) get the key arrangements comfortable
b) relearn the muscle memory already associated with playing sc2

that being said;
if you're just trying it out b/c you have it and think it's cool, more power to you
Well, I do my injects via minimap, that way I can keep my eyes more or less on the fighting and scouting. And atm my micro kinda sucks, not to mention my macro... ATM I want to get my injects, army comps, and creep spread down before I worry about keeping my army divided into separate control groups, and the same of nydus/evo/all that.

My reasons for remapping everything centered on the keypad is to get all the hotkey buttons set within easy/close proximity of each other, thus making it easier and less time consuming to love my fingers all over the keyboard. Also, since my hubby sleeps in the day, I am often forced to play in the dark... So the glowing keys on the pad make it easier to find everything.

As mentioned, to alleviate the control groups issue, as well as expand my options in WoW, I am thinking of getting a dedicated gaming mouse with a dozen or so keys labeled 1-12 or so for the thumb on the mouse >.<
Syramis, I find those loaded gaming mice amazingly annoying. It's hard to move them without hitting a button accidentally :\

I have reached a compromise with a gaming mouse that is nicely weighted with the weights I can adjust and 3 side buttons that I can keep away from unless I need them lol
06/14/2013 01:59 PMPosted by Sanlumiere
I have reached a compromise with a gaming mouse that is nicely weighted with the weights I can adjust and 3 side buttons that I can keep away from unless I need them lol
Link to info on it please?

Mine is quite old now, but this seems to be the closest thing to it they make now

I would have to mess with it, but this one looks really pretty good if I were looking for a replacement, but again, haven't touched it so I don't know how the button layout is
That's basically what I have now... I was hoping for something with, like I said, a full #1 - 12 buttons for the thumb specifically.

This is the beast I just can't use. It should be the one that has multicoloured lighting should that matter to you :)
Just saw it while out with the folks (mom came back from an out of state trip, so we had family night at the mall). What caught my eye was the fact the numbers light up. And moving/holding it will not be an issue, I hold my mice with my fingertips anyways, not the meat of my thumb or outright palm. >.<
Use the grid layout and overlay it onto the keypad

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