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Just played a normal ZvT and wow, I got destroyed. Never have I felt so helpless. Outside my natural, Terran player just kept tons of marines/marauders along with widow mines and kept me to 2 bases until he was strong enough to just push past my defenses.

How am I supposed to win being stuck with only 1 expansion, and if I have my army try to fight, get instant blown up by widow mines? Sending out single zerglings didn't help because his marines would take them out before they would get to a widow mine. Do I build mutas to counter this? It was a bit early for brood lords.

lots of swarm host seem like they would have been a very good counter but this is just my opinion.
what league + posting the replay would help.

Creep spread is really important. Depending on how close he got to you, not letting him push you into a choke is really helpful, because that'll just funnely your units into a choke.

You dont want to send in a single ling, send in like 5ish~, just enough to live through the initial fire and trigger the mines. they'll also hug the bio army, and cause the terran to end up splashing his own army.

If you have good control and can get a good surround/hug, when the WM blow up the mines they'll blow up his entire bio ball. Don't be risky though, with experience you'll figure out when you can do that.
Cutesy !@#$ like burrowed roaches sneaking by his line sounds pretty devious to me. Send them to hit his base and break his post and attention.

Hydra with range upgrade can also hit the mines from outside the mines attack radius. Swarm host is also another viable idea. Swarm host or roach burrow would be the fastest option.
Don't ever send out single lings. That won't do !@#$. Send out, like, 6 instead.
06/13/2013 11:46 AMPosted by SuicidalZerg
Don't ever send out single lings. That won't do !@#$. Send out, like, 6 instead.

Strong username to post correlation.
When I see Terran made many widowmines, I speed upgraded my Overlords. Then I get a group of them to tank mines for my army with Overseers. If they bring widowmines near my creep, I would have spore and spine crawlers to kill them. I spread creeps with spore/spine crawlers. They are immune from mines.
I have started to do this also, speed overlords with a few overseers and just mass ling/bane. Overlords take the damage and also has the side effect of the marines shooting at them if they are just amoving. You can kill a ton mines this way.

Also in the late game, use overlords as a min dump and bring them with your troops it will make them focus the overlords if they go in first allowing you to get more damage in. Makes the terrans micro harder since they will have to target fire something other then overlords. Along with getting the transport upgrade for them.

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