What unit trades against Void Rays for cost?

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06/14/2013 12:51 PMPosted by Tomsonx
If he's going for ONLY void rays then speedlings are actually very good when it comes to keeping him on his toes and using them to counterattack.

i like the way this man thinks. its also the way i think.

you don't beat the void rays directly, but you make the game difficult for him to play. securing expansions should be a nightmare.

Hydra Infestor is the only thing I'v found that is actual efficient at killing them. Void's slaughter hydras, but in order to do so they have to clump up so that all of them can fire while only a small percentage of hydras can shoot back. Having investors lets you punish the clumping with fungal. So either he spreads and no longer trades efficiently with hydras or clumps and gets fungaled to death. This is amusing a mostly voidray army. Templar, chargelots or colossus mixed in will screw you over.

yup. whatever composition you're using, add a few infestors because they are our only anti-air splash, the only way of combatting clumped void rays.

queens and infestors are the support units to add to make your composition better against voids.
Voids are pretty squishy but deal damage very fast, they can clump and will not overkill. Carpeting your front line in transfuses during the first few seconds of an engagement will keep all those units alive when they should have already died, and the void rays aren't meant to be taking that much return fire.

is queen/infestor enough support to make corruptor work? i don't know.
neural parasite?

you also need something on the ground, and that's the swarm host. It keeps his ground off you. Or if he doesn't have ground, you kind of force him to make ground to deal with them, because air units don't do a good job of pushing locusts back.

get armor upgrades against void rays.
preferably double upgrades, but armor is a priority. they attack very fast with no overkill, armor is a big deal.
06/14/2013 11:41 AMPosted by KitenMitens
Mutalisk do not counter voids. You can beat them using mutas but you need to have more supply worth of mutas than voids.

Who said i am on even economy with protoss and i a-move mutas in void ray ball? I just pick it apart, like any adequate muta abuser.

06/14/2013 11:41 AMPosted by KitenMitens
Take preferance to infested Terran unless you can get off the most amazing fungal hit ever.

When there is mass of voids and there are grades, infested terrans are real waste of energy, while fungal chain is pretty darn easy to do.
06/14/2013 01:24 PMPosted by lolfail
It's too bad that there isn't some sort of Dark Swarm to make Hydras more effective.

Oh man, i would love dark swarm for zerg. Imagine the reign of chargelots under dark swarm?

Why does Blinding cloud for vipers NOT effect air units? With how easy it is to get out of, and the fact it only effects ground only ranged attacks(not even abilities), it seems rather useless unless you magically get a fungal on the same group of ground.
I like how my point about got danced around.

If you can catch a huge chunk of voids fungal is awesome. However if they are spread out dropping a bunch of infested Terran to distract the void fire can drastically swing the battle in your favor. If the voids don't target the Terrans then they have very good DPS themselves and will drastically swing the battle in your favor.

Summary.. If you can get a fungal on a large clump of voids aka an awesome fungal do that over Terrans. But if they are spread and you will only catch a few voids the energy is better spent on Terrans.

To the economy, once again ignored my point completely.
You actually just repeated my statement. That you can kill voids with mutas if you make many more than he has voids. I don't know how that was a counter argument.
I'm not talking supply, I'm talking resource cost.

Despite the hate - Mutalisks and Hydras both trade well with Void Rays - cost for cost. Oubviously you need more hydras/mutas than he has rays to win a fight, but if you spend the same resources on mutas or hydras that he's spent on voids, you're gonna win the engagement.

Naturally this doesn't figure on support units for either side, just straight on void vs hydra or muta.

Your best bet is to check out the unit tester in the arcade.

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