What am I doing wrong in ZvT?

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I just started playing again not long ago and I am trying to get my feet back under myself. I know I am not at the top level of play just yet but in general I am wondering what my biggest mistakes are in my ZvT matchups. I am posting some replays of what usually happens to me. Thanks.



People always ask me to post replays. When I do post replays I get very few helpful comments... if any.
Pay no mind to TaylorSwift, he's been whining about Terran since HotS came out....

I'll try and remember to watch these replays when I get home but I would bet a lot that you are doing at least 1 if not all of the following:

Getting supply blocked prior to 60-70 food
Not spending larva quickly
Missing injects
Lacking a clear goal

Again, I'll watch later and see if there is any specific feedback I can give, but these are good places to look first when trying to get back into the game.

Also, if its ZvT you're struggling with, you might want to consider giving this guide a look:


Its based around aggression which is nice because it basically removes the need to scout separately as you'll just see what he's doing when you attack.
Game 1

Star station is cross only so overlord path needs adjusting.
Drone scouting in ZvT is a no brainer imo. If you scout on 10 supply there is really no way for them to deny it and you can see exactly what you are against.
Maynarding (transfering drones from one base to another) is inefficient for any drone over 16, dont do it. Also sucks vs reaper openings.
Talking of reaper openings, you didnt scout what hes doing and you didnt build any lings. If he had opened reapers you would have a lot of dead drones pretty early in the game, gotta make at least 4 lings if there is any possibility of reapers.

As of 7:30 you still do not know a single thing that is going on. You should have thrown an overlord into the main before 7 mins to actually work out what he is doing. Playing with so little scouting is literally just flipping a coin and hoping he does a build bad against your opening.

XelNaga towers.
Just looking at your vision the whole game; there are no units on the map outside his base to see pushes, there are few overlords around the outside of the map to scout drops, there are no units on the towers which zerg should strive to keep control of the whole game, you have no idea what is inside his main. You should also have an overlord dropping creep on his third base location, its just great to slow that down.

Your creep spreads pretty good for your level and you put a bit more attention into map control later in the game. The reason the push kills you is late 2/2 upgrade, good amount of float, random useless spire and investment into infestors.

The roach based style vs bio relies on one big shove off 3 base saturation with a maxed army of roach hydra hitting with 2/2 and teching into hive and vipers, 3/3 and a 4th base as a follow up behind the push. If you had skipped the spire and infestors, gotten a hydralisk den, got 2/2 asap and spent your money you would have held his push and won with a counter push easily. You also needed more drones and gasses up on your third, you had plenty of time for that.

As it was, you had too much float meaning you didnt have enough roaches and investment into infestors, which suck and a spire which you didnt use. So you died to a simple bio push.

Game 2

Blind pool first is pretty bad, but at least you scouted with zerglings this game. Also much prefer gas openings as a personal preference to mass queens. No zergling speed?!?!?!?!??! Very bad mistake imo.

6:30 you build a baneling nest and 4 spine crawlers randomly. The correct way to hold off hellions is to either; get a spine crawler, an excess queen and a group of 12-30 zerglings, increasing over time, to surround hellions on creep while pushing creep with the queen or to get an early roach warren and get around 5 roaches.

So you forget zergling speed, you try to do a randomly timed baneling bust with slow lings which is a complete disaster and you get way behind. Your pretty lucky that you get roach tech and upgrades against mech, again no scouting from you could be absolutely anything in that base. Again this game youv got perfectly good creep spread at least that is going fine.

Massive ball of terran death crushes your face. You were too far behind from early game to crush it with mass roach, nor did you make a composition that may have given you a chance vs this push, for example swarm hosts.

Game 3

You drone scout but dont check gasses, checking gasses is important, tells you if reapers or early hellions can come out.
Random spore crawlers = bad, you can deal with early drops no problem just by having units in position.
Excessivly large amount of roaches, late roach speed and bane speed. Again infestors suck.
Main reason you lost that game was because of baneling control, you had a very good flank but you need to move command your banelings past the marine ball and let the marines detonate them by shooting them, not a move. So all your banes hit a marauder and you lost the game.

Stop going roach infestor its bad. Either go muta bane or roach hydra
Watching the first one now:

1. Opening 6 minutes are actually way better than I was expecting, injects are hit, droning happens on time, the build makes sense (not entirely sure about 14 hatch/14 pool over 15/15, but there are bigger fish to fry in this replay)

2. The 4x gases are fine, but I think you messed something up here, it looks like you were going for a 1/1 roach timing of some kind, but you made the roaches first, the evo's were late, and nothing seemed to line up. The goal of what you were doing is to start the upgrades before unit production, and with the gas timing you used, you could have dropped the evo's around 6:30 and started both right away, instead you wait until 7+ and sped all of your gas on roaches before accumulating another 250 to start the upgrades for them.

What you should do, is spend the minerals on drones, and then start upgrades first, which feeds into my next point....

3. YOU STOPPED DRONING!!!! You hit about 40 drones somewhere around 7 minutes and for the next 5 minutes you're still on essentially 40 drones give or take a few. This is WAYYYYY too low (I seriously can't overstate this). Had you droned up while starting the upgrades, and then began roach production, you'd be much more comfortable. From there you can make a wave or 2 of roaches, do an attack with them (and you need to be active with roaches, either defending aggression, or attacking), and drone up your 3rd behind it (which also could have gone down earlier).

So, general opening was good, focus on getting more drones around that window where you begin your upgrades. If you feel pressured you can make a few roaches, but the rest should be drones.

Other general things to note are that even with your low drone count you're not spending your larva quickly from the time you take that 3rd base for almost the rest of the game. I didn't look at your opponent much, but one thing I did note is that his money was WAY lower than yours, and when battles were occurring his production tab was generally active while your production fell by the wayside. Try to remember to keep producing, even when in battle.

Don't really have time to look at the other games, but, hopefully this helps.
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What am I doing wrong in ZvT?

You are playing Zerg.

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