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Hello All,

Many SC2 players are having random disconnections in arcade maps when:

    Waiting in the lobby (game has not started yet).
    Waiting in the loading screen (game is starting).
    Inside the arcade game (game is running).

In the previous patch, when a player was disconnected in the lobby, we knew the lobby was bugged and the game will crash. Fortunately, this issue was solved with patch 2.08, and even though players are still being disconnected when they are waiting in the lobby, the game wont crash.

However, patch 2.08 include two new bugs. Now it is possible to be disconnected during the loading screen or when the game is running. I want to stress that these two bugs only appear with patch 2.08. This is being very annoying and it is destroying the Starbattle community, because in almost 90% of the games a player is dropped (some times more players are dropped).

I hope you can solve the disconnection/drop problem that was included recently, due to the fact that many arcade players don't want to continue playing with these conditions.


PS: Here some topics talking about the same problem.

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Nobody cares, we all signed our lives away, as well as agreeing to the contract that states may do anyting to anyone for any reason regardless of percieved or facutal beliefs of ethics..

pretty much if a blizzrd employee showed up at your door you would be expectred to hand over everything you own, and if that wasn;t good enough yourself.

welcome to modern ethics.

Just bend over take it and send them more money.
@North: Unfortunately, that attitude doesn't help solve the problem. Yeah, it sucks that we're stuck with a product that doesn't work like we want it to and no we don't have any sort of timeline to get anything fixed. That is not a good situation, but I don't think think this reflects Blizzard's lack of desire to fix the problem, rather our frustration is probably mirrored there because their programmers have the unenviable job of trying to sort out where the heck the bug is coming from.

Lack of results doesn't mean lack of trying or desire to achieve results. HIV/AIDS research should make that point clearly enough. It's not about money. It's about a difficult problem and the lack of a breakthrough in solving it.

For my part, I'm seeing this bug fairly infrequently on my own machine. I have a reliable 25Mbps internet connection routed by wireless and rarely malfunctions at the level of the router (resets fix those) or at the ISP level. However, despite a relatively reliable internet connection to basically any server out there, I'm getting issues with's servers as well:

-Pending in join game lobby
-Players attempting to join may be held in limbo for up to 2min before failing to join game. Players in the lobby see status pending for that player. That player sees "attempting to join game" in the Arcade UI. Attempting to message the pending player often returns error message that the player is offline, even when friends list status shows them online. Re-log is the only work-around that I know of.
-Many people attribute this to host-invited players only. I have had it happen to me without an invite, and most others I speak to about it get it without being directly invited, but rather when attempting to join game.

-Slow load times
-Progress bar halts at 0%, 25%, 50%, or 75%
-Seems to be a 2min time out on those halts, and if it is reached, inevitably someone is dropped.
-This process can repeat making for 5min+ game loads, where people just Alt-F4 out or quit as soon as they come in because so many players were dropped.

It should be noted these occur PRIOR to custom game data loading, meaning that custom game triggers and coding aren't the source of the drops.
Wish this would get fixed. very annoying
don't hold your breath, they do not care. priority goes to ladder and procomp always, where the money is.

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