any idea of how to prevent a cannon rush???

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any one know what is the best 2nd overlord placement either outside the natural at the ramp or at the natrual
scout with a drone to see if they have an a early forge, im not sure about how many probes they would have on mins, but chances are not many, 12 maybe? the only problem with this is that PvZ opening involves Forge FE so forge is expected. If you think that there will be a cannon rush, you really have too much of a problem of them destroying your hatch since he cant warp on creep, but if say hes blocking the natural, get roaches as soon as possible, lings just die way too easily to photon cannons
just make a spine in the main, and right when ur natural is done, move it to the nat,

see the forge before it comes and stop it with zerglings,

extend creep + spines to prevent them from moving foward,

make a hatch in their base and spinecrawler push them, as a joke xD
A "cannon rush" can't be prevented it can be countered though.

If your talking about the cannon pressure at the natural to deny a fast expo just take your third as your first expo then get some roaches and kill the cannons. Takes 3roach to kill a cannon.

They like to put them behind the minerals at the natural, have your scout drone loop over there on his path to the enemy base. Send your second Ovie that way as well. If you spot him while its still just a pylon pull 5 drones, one to attack the probe and 4 to kill the pylon or cannon warping in.

Check YouTube for Mr. Llama winning with ease series.
14 pool. 4 lings. Same econ as hatch first due to the earlier queen.

If they still try to cannon rush your natural, spam moar lings and rally them to his base. (If they go nexus first and you're closeish, you can kill him with 14 pool as well.)
A "cannon rush" can't be prevented it can be countered though.
I'm master league on EU. I usually put my second overlord where my hatch is going to be built. And I prefer to scout with my tenth worker and see if there is a forge. If there is no forge I can move my overlord towards my opponents base for later overlord sacrifising. But if I do see a forge I keep my overlord placed over my hatchery, since a building hatchery does not have such a wide vision view, so you probably will not see the cannons building. If the opponent starts to build pylons I quickly start my pool and pull about 6 workers. I rally one or two of them to attack the probe and the rest to attack the pylon. When he starts building the cannons I switch target to the cannons building, since there is no point in killing the pylon because the opponent can quickly rebuild a new one while the cannons are building. And as soon as the spawning pool is finished I create 2-6 zerglings. Depending on how many I think I will need to build. The important part is to not overproduce zerglings, since each pair of zergling could be a drone, which will benefit you better later in the game in comparison to the zerglings.
I just place an Overlord at my natural and if I see a probe lay down something then I pull out a few drones and try to get the probe before it lays more cannons or pylons.

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