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Blizzard should include tutorials for attack waves. I have trouble with attack waves sometimes because I have a hard time trying to give the AI a reasonable time on when to move out.

Also, I am not particularly good at Map Editor. I need help with attack waves very badly. Otherwise, all I can do is to spawn units to attack the enemy using drop pods...
What I usually do is spawn units periodically from buildings, and when they spawn I add them to a unit group. Then periodically I'll send all units in that attack group (you could even narrow it down to units in the attack group in the base by specifying a region) to attack the player base.
Depending on what you are after... the best way is to edit and overwrite the AI scripts themselves.

As for the attack wave mentality.. Well the AI editor seems to be for that and so far I only know 1 person and have heard there are 4 more than know how to use the damned thing. Its been a pretty colossal waste of effort to make that thing to date.

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