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She didn't even KNOW till just that morning and she DIDN'T have any other symptoms until today either. So NO he does NOT know she is pregnant. Don't give me any crap about hacking the medical database either.
....................They were talking to Cayl about it on the comm during the briefing. He tapped into the private comm channel.
OOC: Hacking into the private comm you say (Pokes anyone who has ever used private comms ever) aim for the head.
But seriously, I get the feeling that Zarkun is going to find a way to kill Destron soon. Sorry.
Edit: OH! I think I figured it out. Mecha, to make it clear: Destron is not a Teacher. Teachers (aside from Cynthia) are mostly plot devices, and thus can do whatever they want, but are also basically NPCs in terms of character advancement and playability. If you're trying to make Destron a teacher, then you should probably drop that. The three teacher players guard that position with their keyboards loaded.
Mecha, I believe we said secure comms were off limits.

Edit- Also, you keep pushing, and Cap is correct.
He has an ABILITY called tap communications that's been !@#$ing useless this whole RP. And also Destron is not trying to become a teacher. He just wants to know everything.
OOC: Well, the thing about never using an ability is not very valid. Two examples:
The facility? Could've used it there.
This mission? Use it to block the reinforcement call.
Also, (I) we don't hate you. (I) We hate Destron and your BSing to advance his char.
Invalid complaint, Mecha. You were warned that it wouldn't have much use and you chose it anyways.
I assumed they took out the stuff in his head so I didn't try. And when have I EVER BSed with Destron. People BS AGAINST him but I have never BSed with him. And so now the ability is even more useless because he cannot even hack the !@#$ing comm channel. Also why the hell do you guys care, it's not like he will yell it out to the world. And you did't yell at darkra having Dante know.
06/13/2013 09:37 AMPosted by Zarkun
wouldn't have much use

I believe that should actually be 'Wouldn't have ANY use'
also Mecha your earlier IC statement would still be false IF you could hack the SECURE (perviously stated as OFF LIMITS TO HACKING!) coms as he would have only JUST found out.
Cap makes a good point as well.
And you did't yell at darkra having Dante know.

Sam told Dante.
I can't yell at him if I don't know that he knew. And again, we told you secure COMs are off limits. And once more, invalid complaint. You were warned.
I have never BSed with Destron before, NEVER. I let his minions get treated like !@#$ yadda yadda yadda. And what's the point of a hacking ability if the secure comm is "unhackable" and you can listen in on the normal comm so hacking is useless. I will admit that I choose badly with that ability but when I try and use it I get stopped???
This mission? Use it to block the reinforcement call.

Mecha cap makes a good point with this. also yes with the schools secure coms no hacky hacky.
Allow me to rephrase; friendly secure comms are off limits. You agreed to only hack enemies.
The Excalibur is already doing that *facepalm*.

And when did I say that????
What zarkun said.... it is one of those things we agreed at the sstart of the rp...... anything going on here that I need sam to reply to
everyone is on the way to the hangar atm
OOC: I don't think Dante knows. Also, it's not that he could or would yell it out to the world, it's the actual ability to basically pick up on anythign and everything private that has me worried. *Cough* We are arguing about BSing with Destron right now. *Cough* If they took out the stuff in his head, then Zark would have told you, or he wouldn't have them at all right now either. (He never would have been re-fixed.)
Now let's stick a sword in this argument before we waste a page on it.
06/13/2013 09:54 AMPosted by Caprindo
I don't think Dante knows.

YES HE DOES! Sam told both Dante AND Serenity earlier.
Zark would have told you

It was said that all weapons/abilities were taken away/disabled. I agree with Cap no more arguing.
Now let's stick a sword in this argument before we waste a page on it.
Sadly you already missed the page mark on this argument.

IC: [Tari]
I lean against Sam for a bit of stability. "I love you Sam and thanks for agreeing to stay with me on this mission."

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