Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXXII

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Shir radios his comm to Jared. {"Beyond horrible. Experiments, genetic modification. Ask Cynthia."}
OOC: Mind posting the stats and abilities for the Loni clones? I don't remember much about them off the top of my head.

I enter the Ascension, running a quick systems check. All systems appear to be within normal functionality, and I ready the ship for takeoff.

"Anyone willing to let me on their ship? I'm lacking any sort of transportation at the moment."

Windseeker's ramp lowers and my voice comes over the PA. [Go ahead and climb aboard, Miranda. More than enough room.]


{I would if I knew who that was. What specifically did they do?}
I climb aboard, giving a quick nod of thanks to Terance as I reach the cockpit. "Anything more you can tell me about the people we're going to be fighting?" I ask Terance as I check the condition and function of all my equipment, five times over.

"Well, they're twisted and sadistic and killed Zaros's daughter, Cynthia. Of course, a friend of mine brought her back at her request." Closing the ramp back up, I take off for Excalibur, shooting out of the hangar towards the sky. "They don't like hybrids and their people have no idea what they really do."
{Diffrent things for everyone. They trapped me with little sunlight, then made me manipulate sunlamps to receive nourishment.} Shir said, pulling the controls towards his hands.

{Not sure how that's horrible experimentation...} ShadowStalker slowly lifted off the ground, drifting out into the center of the hangar for a good take off vector. {What was so horrible that you all have a grudge?}

Edit- Here's Selena's application:

Name: Selena Serranas
Age: 23
Unit Mix: Ninja (I'll change it when I can think of something better)
Abilities: Stealth Field- Lacking the Psionics required to run a cloaking device, Selena instead deploys a stealth field, allowing her to still be cloaked by bending the light around her to conceal her.

See weakness (Passive)- Allows Selena to see a weakness in an enemies defense or armor others would miss.
Used Weapons: Twin Sai, LMR-32 Sniper Rifle, .45 semi-auto pistol, Kunai throwing knives
Special Notes: Old friend to Terance Reaver and trained in close quarters combat and long range rifle combat.
Vehicles: Banshee, Vulture

Will edit as needed. Also, need all the applications I missed to do all the configurations.
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{{Ready to make those f*ckers pay?}}

{{Damn straight. It's a pity the little princess herself isn't going to be there... but then again, we could get lucky...}}

(To Jared)
{Shir got off easy. He's pure protoss, so they left him alone for the most part. The hybrids that were captured... Well, let me put it this way; they can make the Icehouse* and other other old Dominion labs look like a high-school PE or science class.}
I say grimly.

* Referring to the Icehouse short story. For those who haven't read it.

{{Hate to be a kill joy, but it's a fairly remote outpost. She won't be there. But, if I'm right, we'll get our chance soon enough.}}


{Heard stories about some of those places. Doesn't sound too pleasant if that's the case.}
A sigh is heard over the comm line;
{{Yeah, yeah. I doubt it would happen anyway..}}

{Yeah. Between what they see as their responsibility to 'purify' all hybrids and and some of the most amoral scientists in the galaxy, these people have problems. And be warned; The sister of the two twins that run the Consortium is a certifiable nut-job. She may be brilliant, but she's also one, if not the, most twisted person I've ever met. Throw in a vicious streak a light-year wide and this woman is bad news.}
"Brought her back? You mean revived as a spirit?"

I chuckle, shaking my head. "No, as in revived as a changling. Alive."


A hateful barking laugh is heard over the COM. {In that case, can't wait to put a bullet between her eyes.}

OOC: For those who care, I revived Final Stand. It's a good RP, just needs people.
"Didn't know that was even possible. One of your technologies?"
Korzis cuts into the public comms. {Labs? That's rich, Stephan. That place was more like a torture chamber. Something that made the Spanish Inquisition look like a Kindergarten class.} Korzis turns on his ships engine and fires it up. {If either of those twins are there, I'm dealing with them myself. You will continue with everything else. I'll take them on.}

{Do it however you feel necessary. Me, I'll settle for a bullet through their brain.} Finally in position, ShadowStalker jetted out of the the hangar, course set for Excalibur.


"More like Zack's DNA."
IC: "Your ship is better for this type of mission I believe."
I nod and head towards ShadowWalker

Celeritas lifts off and exits the hangar.

I launch my wraith and leave the hangar.
{Korzis you are as reckless as your father is. Remember what happened last time you encountered them? You became their little slave to do what ever bidding they wanted. Your lucky it was something mechanical and not something that was beyond what we know.} I land my ship near the gun ship but keep the engines running.

{Do it however you feel necessary. Me, I'll settle for a bullet through their brain.} Finally in position, ShadowStalker jetted out of the the hangar, course set for Excalibur.


"More like Zack's DNA."
"And of course I would know who that is, having arrived a few hours ago," I say sarcastically.
{Last time they hid and let a bounty hunter do their dirty work.} Korzis replies to Jessica.

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