Overpowered but somewhat realistic ideas

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Banelings drain their acid and become massive vespene tanks to help with harvesting.

Overlords pick up banelings-> Corrosive and explosive blimp.

Build/morph/warp CC/Hatchery/Nexus on mineral field to get expansion and instantly get 12k minerals.

Nydus worm become massive pipeline for vespene when drill right under geyser.

Drones have those tiny pincers for mining minerals; Ultralisks have massive kaiser blades: massive harvesting speed.

Hellion turn flamethrower backwards for speed boost.

SCV can mine minerals with that drill. Why not pick up a marine or zergling and ~~ bloody scene ommitted ~~.

Contagious fungal growth.

Units can fire from medivacs.

Kamikaze interceptors.

SC1 had upgrade where high templars wear khaydarin amulets and become more powerful. Pylons are khaydarin crystals. High templars stands on top of pylon. Psionic storm raze half the map.

Since all zealots are templars, they charge into buildings and psionically destroy them from inside out.

Colossus stands on planetary fortress turret. PF is confused and spins wildly. Tornado of firey death.

Roaches pump extra acid into banelings -> more damage, less health

Widow mine roots into ultralisk.

Phoenix picks up units and doesn't gently drop them (possibly onto other units).

Land buildings on units.

Nukes have radioactive fallout.

Drakken laser beam on battle cruiser.

Orbital calldown: suicide bombing MULES
Colossus toggles crouch; range reduced to 4(6), but can no longer be hit by air.

Units can shoot out of Medivacs and Planetary Fortresses.

Photon Overcharge activates the Nexus' khaydarin crystal, therefore it can do the same to Pylons but on a much larger scale .

Ghost EMPs permanently paralyze mechanical units, plus making them unable to attack.

Motherships and Carriers can use purification beams on the planet, dealing massive AOE damage.

Broodlings last forever.

Battlecruisers can fire nuclear missiles.

Auto-Turrets last forever, as do Point Defense Drones.

Medivac afterburners use energy.

Force Fields instantly kill all units caught at their edges, and paralyze units in the center.

Carriers can bounce signals off of Observers, extending the range that they can send Interceptors to.
Some Ideas:
  • Roaches can eat people when burrowed.
  • Capital Ships and Ultralisks deal twice as much damage and have thrice the life.
  • Battlecruisers and Motherships can drop-pod/warp-in units.
  • Ghosts have a sixty-percent chance to score a headshot and instantly kill a biological unit.
  • Zerg gain a leeching attack.
  • Fire/Plasma/Acid attacks have a Damage over time.
  • Marines can fire full auto with a reload.
  • Auto-turrets have a full auto attack
  • Zealots can attack with ranged Psionics.
  • Widow Mines can self-destruct for one-hundred damage in an AoE.
  • Warp Ships can pick up enemy units.
  • Warp Prisms have an unlimited carrying capacity.
  • Thors have twice as much life.
  • Detectors cannot detect burrowed units that sit still. If they move they are seen.
  • Creep slows non-Zerg units.
  • Structures CAN be built on creep.
  • "I bet I can come up with more."
    Any1 wanna make a map with these features?
    All races get the Warhound.

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