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Hi guys

I really need help in my ZvZ. I'm strugulling so much in that match up. I try a lot of thing but I never find a way to win. I need a practice partner or a coach.

I'm Platine player so If I could found a diamond or higher coach It would be awsome.
I win 70% of ZvZ using a quick 6 roach into mass slings build... if you are interested look up Destiny's roach/sling build. :-)
Out of all the strategies I have seen, staying on ling/bling, and getting plus one carapace is my clear favorite.

The reason is this build counters, roach and muta builds, and also wins against normal bane/sling builds if you can defend well enough to get the upgrade completed.

On two player maps I scout as soon as I make my 9 OL. On four player maps, I just 15 hatch and hope they don't low pool.

When I'm scouting, I checking for that early pool. I either spot the pool, and don't hatch first. Or, I see no pool, and I can extend my hatch to 17, and my pool to 17-18 as well. This is late, but it doesn't matter if he's going hatch first. I can also use my drone scout to attempt a hatch block.

From there, I get my two queens, and speed. Then the nest, then build a evo chamber when I have 70 gas. This will time well with the carapace upgrade, which you should start immediately. If during this period a ling attack comes, you can make 2-3 banelings, and then start the upgrade.

I try for 16 drones on each base, and then just pump lings. When money runs high, I drop a third hatch in my main.

I'm usually pushing out around 70 food with this build. When the upgrade is close to done, I send all my lings, and morph banelings in the middle of the map. I then poke to see what he has, and the only thing I don't want to see if a full wall. He has banelings, roaches, or mutas, no biggie, just keep builidng lings. It's only when I see a full wall, that I make my lair, and try for burrowed infestor plays.

Tons of times I show up at their door, then either have ling/bling, roaches, spines, or mutas. In all cases they just die.
The problem is that I don't want to learn a BO i just want to be better overall. This may seem stupid but it's look like even if it's the same race than me I don't know how to counter him.
It's hard, because there is no clear cut counter. Your opponent can always do the exact same thing you do, but execute it slightly better.

In my opinion the most important thing in the entire matchup, even more important than specific build orders, is overlord positioning. I usually aim to have an overlord directly in front of their natural, one or two in the middle of the map covering likely unit paths, and one outside your own natural to see units grouping up to attack. In this way you can know exactly how many units you need to defend, whether or not it is a good idea to make a spine crawler or two, and when you can sneak in an extra drone or two to get ahead. The best way to get a handle on this is to play a lot of ZvZ at once, a practice partner is a great idea if you can find one.

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