Why doesnt zerg have an anti-armor unit?

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1. Armored was not a tag on BW.
2. Hydras did not do "double damage" to any unit, they did their normal damage to large units and 75% to medium and 50% to small. Also "normal" damage was 10, which means that they only did 7.5 damage to medium and 5 to small units.

You're absolutely right there, I keep thinking in terms of their minimum damage because of the way damage tags work in SC2, haha. I'll reduce my statement to the fact that all large units from SC1 that are now in SC2 all have the armored tag, and that doing explosive damage is analogous to having a +50% damage vs. armored. It's a pretty weak argument for "swarming =/= no need for +armored damage" now that I think about it more clearly.

In either case, there is no reason to think we need any +armored bonus. Zerg winrate is fine the way it is.
ultralisks used to be 15/35vs armored

now they just do a lot of damage to anything lol

with the units though, roach and hydra both do enough damage per hit to bypass armor, same with broodlords, and with corruptors, it just so happens at all massive air are armored so i guess that counts
06/16/2013 01:54 AMPosted by Oldben
with the units though, roach and hydra both do enough damage per hit to bypass armor

I'd like to point out that all units do at least 1 damage in spite of armor which is the same value, or larger than, their attack damage. But otherwise, this statement is pretty informative. Almost all units with the armored tag start with more armor, so it seems pretty legitimate to argue that the roach high damage/period attack is better against units with the armored tag even without a damage bonus against them? Not sure I'm making sense...

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