Hunt for the Snowbound Relic

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A signal sounds, arriving to the ears of every race within the Koprulu Sector. At the edge of Dominion Space, in a spot between the Zerg, Protoss, and Terran, something had appeared in the system. Civilians who lived in the system already were in a panic due to the arrival of something which shouldn't be there:

A planet. A new planet had arrived from out of nowhere, located beyond the furthest planet in the planetary system. A signal calls out from it, a signal which spoke of power and knowledge. Almost as soon as it was sent, it dies off, the planet becoming silent again.

After the signal had died off, everyone began to organize themselves for the coming exploration of the new planet. Fleets were raised and gathered, leaders chosen and warriors organized. All who heard it had the same thought: To get to the planet, and claim whatever power waited there for themselves. Fleets were filled to the brim with troops and supplies, and rushed to the unknown planet.

PRP Thread:
Name: Nagg
Race: Zerg
Faction: Scylla's Swarm
Unit: Specialized Hunter Killer, has blue stripes instead of red.
Equipment: Naga Claws, Acid Spines, Acid Spray.
Camoflauge: Nagg and his pack mates can change color to blend in with their surroundings, basically a Zerg Cloak.
Lay Low: Nag and his pack mates can make their minds almost impossible to detect (only doing this cause I know some of you will pull the "I sensed his mind." Bull!@#$)
Burrow Move: Nag and his pack mates can burrow move.
Deabilitating Venom: Nagg and his pack mates Claws, Acid Spines, and mouths, are filled (or in the claws case coated) with a special venom. This venom will slowly render a target completely helpless though it wont kill unless the target was already weak when injected or if the venom is given in a large enough dose.
Toxic Gas: Nagg can release a large cloud of gas, lowering enemy visibility to practically zero and damaging their eyes a bit.
Rapid Regeneration: Nagg and his pack mates regenerate rapidly when burrowed or resting
Background: Rather than Invade the planet and BLARARARG, Scylla decided to send a small specialized pack of hunter killers to investigate this strange occurance and see whether to invade or not.
6 Hunter-Killers, modified.

Name: Cayl Rios
Faction: Lorian Exploration Unit
Unit: Knight Errant
Equipment: Mithrite Halberd, KNI-600 Custom Armor, EMY-12 Plasma pistol.
Abilities: Nanoheal(Passive)-Nanites heal any wounds and repairs damage to armor,
Combat forms (Active)-Has different combat forms he uses to deliver death effectively, Element Mastery (Active)-Has a power non-psionics only dream about, the ability to bend the four basic elements to his will,
Psionic Protection (Passive)- Is unaffected by any kind of psionic attack thanks to his nanites advanced sensors and capabilities.
Background: Cayl Rios is a direct descendant of the First Great Knight of Earth, and has done much to prove it. He enrolled in the Pankoprulu Academy shortly after joining the Raiders to learn new combat techniques and create new weaponry and tech for his people. Having done so, he returned home, became a Knight Errant, and was placed in charge of the Lorian Exploration Unit. Was sent to investigate the signal, and to stop any unfriendly forces from taking the source.
10 Companies Grunts and Lancers (800-2250 troops)
1 company Spartan and Assassins (80-225 troops)
40 SCVs
60 Siegebreakers
30 Tyranor Assault Walkers
100 Tracer APCs

Name: Morgan Jareem
Age: 43
Race: Terran
Faction: Followers of Rak'nashal
Unit: Warlord
Warlord: A powerful Follower who is adept at using most weapons. Warlords have cybernetic implants to increase strength, stamina, and endurance and most usually powerful Psionics(7-9). Warlords have powerful armor and decent shields. Sometimes they will utilize jump-packs or cloaking devices. They primarily use rifles/handguns and swords but have also been seen to use machine guns and snipers.
Equipment: Devil Blaster, Shade Cutter, Jump pack, Cybernetic Implants
Devil Blaster- A powerful semi-automatic handgun capable of multiple ammunition types. Ammunition types are standardized depleted uranium, armor piercing, incendiary, and explosive. It has a moderate range The appearance is the same as the Lawgiver in the most recent Judge Dredd movie, except larger. If not familiar with the weapon, here:
Shade Cutter- A long serrated blade of a dark grey colour capable of cutting through most materials.
Jump pack- A pack with jets on it to allow the ability to leap long distances.
Cybernetic Implants- Being placed across his body, improving many conditions. Including the arms for increased strength, a second heart, and a chip to increase thought process and connection to weapons and armor.
Leap- Utilizing his jump pack, Morgan leaps long distances, often into the heat of battle or after retreating foes.
Soul Blast- Making use of Psionics, Morgan will fire a shot of Psionic energy that will absorb his opponents life force on hit and heal Morgan. However, this is taxing.
Boggle- Sending out a telepathic Psionic wave Morgan disorients opponents
Reinforcements: He calls down more troops to replace those that were lost. A maximum of twelve population every two pages. Must be used outside of combat. Cannot give more population worth of troops than original population worth (84).
Background: Seeking the glory of combat, Morgan led a large brigade of troops down to the planet. Due to the gravity of the planet too much for their Wyvern, it was left orbit born, and he ordered that troops must come down to his request.
10 Sphynxes
10 Hydra Rifles
6 Chaos Hunters
6 Juggernauts
2 Sirens
2 Harpies
1 Gargoyle
2 Packmules (Large Dropships)

Name: Eczr'il
Age: Unknown
Race: Ser'vanar
Faction: Reclamation Fleet EVR3L-C
Unit: Ethereal
Ethereal- Part of a highly specialized Ser'vanar military unit, Ethereals fill the roles of scouts, assassins, and electronics warfare personnel. Their cybernetic implants focus primarily on agility enhancements and the ability to effectively manipulate computer systems from a distance. Even a single Ethereal is deadly to an enemy force, as the combination of cloaking capabilities and the thermal transfer rifle result in a combatant which can strike from almost anywhere without revealing their position. Ser'vanar have an almost skeletal appearance, with extremely thin bodies and legs, and a long, segmented prehensile tail which ends in a sharp point resembling an arrowhead. Ser'vanar have two legs, four arms, and four wings, and may walk either upright on only their legs or on all six limbs. The head is similar to that of a lizard, but more bony and elongated and with slitted oval eyes. Numerous cybernetic implants and enhancements are clearly visible, especially in Ethereals, to the point where it is difficult to see the distinctions between mechanical and biological.

Equipment: Thermal Transfer Rifle, Cybernetic Wing Enhancements, Neural Processor
Thermal Transfer Rifle- An unusual, but nonetheless effective weapon, the thermal transfer rifle creates extremely high temperature plasma contained in a force field bubble within the weapon, and then teleports it to the inside of a target. This allows the weapon to be fired from concealment without giving any indication of the user's position. However, the thermal transfer rifle must be aimed at a target for a third of a second before firing, making it much less effective against fast moving targets. Can project up to about three kilometers, but the time to transfer increases at ranges of over 1000 meters, increasing at a linear rate to five seconds at three kilometers.
Cybernetic Wing Enhancements- The natural wings are enhanced with a specially designed strain of nanomachines, which make the wings much stronger, and allow them to regenerate slowly over time if damaged. Small engines are also fitted below the wing roots, allowing for much faster flight and increased maneuverability.
Neural Processor- Connected directly to the brain, this implant allows for much better aiming, nearly instant calculations, and can essentially create the image of a fully interactive HUD superimposed over the eyes. Also allows the Uplink and Interface abilities.

Abilities: Telekinesis, Cloak, Uplink, Interface
Telekinesis (Passive)- Ser'vanar have natural telekinetic abilities, but Ethereals train heavily to master them for use in combat. However, these abilities are still not as powerful as those of high PI Ghosts or High Templar.
Cloak- Essentially the same as Protoss and Terran cloaking, Ser'vanar cloak devices conceal the user from sight at the cost of the generator's energy. Even while moving, cloaked units are only barely visible to the most perceptive observer as a slight distortion. Detectors can see through the cloak.
Uplink (Passive)- Grants direct communication with all Ser'vanar constructs and automatons via the Archive Ship, allowing for better coordination and control of automated units. Also can connect to regular comm networks between the Ser'vanar.
Interface- Provides a connection to computer systems of any type at ranges of about 250 meters, allowing devices to potentially be hacked from a distance and communications tapped into. Equipment can also be jammed or otherwise interfered with this way, such as disabling radar or scrambling transmissions.

Background: A newly reawakened Ser'vanar Ethereal, Eczr'il was one of the primary supporters of the plan to build the Reclamation Fleets, and a high ranking military officer assigned to EVR3L-C.

35 Construction Drones,
8 Sentinels,
6 Watchers,
48 Guardians,
4 Drone Hubs,
12 Shades
Name: Felas
Faction: Tal'darim
Unit: Hero High Templar
Rank: Executor
Age: 617
Backstory: Though once a devout follower of Judicator caste, Felas was left aimless once the caste disappeared after the Brood Wars. Suddenly left with no purpose, Felas refused to interact with the Nerazim out of old hatreds and journeyed the galaxy until he met the Tal'darim. He joined their ranks and quickly ascended to the higher echelons of the organization. He replaced Nyon as the new executor shortly after Nyon's demise at the hands of Jim Raynor on the Signma Quadrant. As he took on the mantle of leadership in the aftermath of the battle, he swore to the stars that never again will the Tal'darim's holy grounds be desecrated, be it from the Terrans, Zergs, or other traitorous Protoss. He has gained extensive knowledge of the Xel'naga over the years and he has learned to read Xel'naga runes fluently, a skill few have. His manipulation of Psionic energy is considered to be legendary among his fellow Tal'darim and his physical fighting abilities is sharply honed despite his age.
1. Psi storm
2. Psi blast
3. Telekinesis- The ability to move objects with one's mind and even use one's mind itself as a weapon.
4. Astral projection- The psionic ability in which the psychic separates their mind from their body. The mind, which appears as a differently-colored copy of the body, is free to explore their surroundings and is visible to only the psionically attuned.
5. Clarity of Mind (Passive)- Increased energy regeneration; decreased spell cool down.
6. Recharge shields- Replenishes shields
1. Psi blades
2. Raj'al crystal fragment- A Khaydarin crystal of unknown origins. It has the odd characteristic of a faint "heartbeat". Current use and abilities is unknown.

Name: Telnis
Faction: Tal'darim
Unit: Hero Zealot
Rank: Imperator
Age: 476
Backstory: Second in command, Telnis was among those left behind in Auir. In the wake of the Fall, Telnis wandered Auir with a small band of warriors until he found the Tal'darim stationed there. Finding solace in the teachings of the Tal'darim, he rose through the ranks quickly. Yet this rise also coincided with a festering hatred for those who "abandoned" them. He became a high ranked member of the Xava'kai. He was among those considered for the position of Executor shortly after Nyon's death.
1. Xava'tai's Fury- Grants increased movement speed and attack speed.
2. Phantom- Generates a double of Telnis
3. Overshields- Increased shield resilience
Enhanced Zealot armor

Name: Ramadar
Faction: Tal'darim
Unit: Hero High Templar
Rank: Subjugator
Age: 587
Backstory: Ramadar was among the first to aid in the creation of the warped khaydarin crystals used to control the Zerg. Although the original crystals were destroyed due to the fury of a dark archon, Ramadar lived and he has made significant and groundbreaking designs of the crystals. He considers the Hierarchy to be cowards as he feels controlling the Zerg and using them against one another is the only true way to preserve the Protoss race from extinction and drive back their enemies. Though he still strives to refine the warped khaydarin crystals, he has also moved onto other things...
1. Domination
2. Maelstrom
3. Psi storm
4. Psi blast
5. Drain- Psionically drains a target until a husk is left
6. Disruption- Can forcibly remove a group of Zerg organism from the hive mind, rendering them nothing more than feral animals and makes them easier to dominate
7. Empower- Temporarily empowers allied Zerg units with the aid of a WKC crystal
WKC necklace- Allows Ramadar to control Zerg units in his vicinity with ease.

The Tal'darim are religious fanatics lead by a mysterious Xava'tor who vanished for some time. With much of their leadership dealt a grievous blow during the Second Great War, they were able to regain a sizable portion of their might during the interbellum after the Battle of Char. Lead by Executor Felas, they zealously protect and uncover the secrets of the Xel'naga from anyone but themselves. This drive has allowed to them to push boundaries in their technology.
Special Units of notes:
Controller: Controllers are a title given to high templars who have studied the first designs of the warped Khaydarin Crystals and made significant refinement for them. By studying these crystals that would have otherwise been regarded as treasonous under the Daelaam, they have gain accessed to new psionic powers and greater understanding of the Zerg hive link, allowing them to control the Zerg strains with the aid of said crystals. Those who are given the rank of Subjugators are especially powerful controllers.
Vindicator: By correctly arranging the psionic matrices within a pure khyadarin crystal and focusing its energies at a focal point, the Tal'darim constructed a weapon that releases a beam of psionic energy on a target. Though they can not move when firing on ground, the amount of firepower from one of these weapons is staggering. Those who wields these weapons of destructions have called themselves vindicators. They fight with a rage that burns as bright as the beams they fire on their enemies. To assist in their mobility, Tal'darim engineers have constructed a hoverboard so that Vindicators can maneuver and perform surgical strikes, circumventing the mobility issue entirely. Both of these technologies have a fail safe to ensure they do not fall into the enemy hands.
Hurricane: A specialist fighter ship designed for armored class combatants. A hurricane's shields is able to warp projectiles around them, weakening their impact which minimizes the damage that can be dealt to the shields.
Faction: Tal'darim
Numbers: ~2500?

Zerg Faction: Tal'darim Slave Swarm
Numbers: ~20,000?
The Zerg under the leadership of the Tal'darim have evolved into new and sinister forms over the years. Enhanced by the energies of a nearby warped khaydarin crystal, their link to the hive mind is completely severed and they are more vicious and sadistic. However, the most fearsome part is that some strains are able to utilize psionics as a result of exposure to the psionic emanations of the crystals! The Tal'darim decided to refine these mutations so that their Swarm will grow deadlier to defeat the far more numerable Kerrigan Swarm. Their carapace are cracked in some places; it is illuminated with a distinct magenta glow.

Name: Burning Whisper
Age: Impossible
Race: None
Faction: ???
Unit: Crystal
Equipment: Impossible
Abilities: Psi-Shockwave (Self-explanatory)
Group-Control (Another pretty easy one)
Power Field (powers nearby Protoss robotics and structures)
Warp Field (warps in twenty small to medium Zerg to its location from the Hive structure)
Defense Field (Energy field protecting troops by reducing oncoming range damage by slowing down projectiles or displacing energy attacks)
Background: Something was happening... cries and screams could be heard... almost like it was alive... impossible! Something like this couldn't be alive but yet it was, alas it must be destroyed... Does that mean it must destroy itself? It must be an abomination... it must be... It is saddened by this thing that it is now. It was once a magnificent energy source for this once powerful carrier. Now it was littered with this mongrels of zerg. Creeping themselves along its power. It was a beautiful sight... what is it thinking about? No! It must not think about such infestation of the ships main power but now... things are happening... It can control them, It is in control, It wants more....

[ETA 1 Hour until Warping Out]

It has control... and It likes it... It wants more... It wants death... It shall burn thoughts into creatures... mindless and ones with a complete independent mind from this Hive structure that has embedded into It.

Army: Miscellaneous Zerg Forces on-board, may multiply quickly if subjected to resources. Hive like structure surrounding the Crystal.
Five Colossus that are unpowered.
Six Probes in stasis.
Ten Sentries drained of energy.
Full Interceptor reserves.
As the ships arrive, a major storm passes over the planet, dissipating in the air. There was no signs of life on the ground, and the signal seems to bounce all over the planet, making finding an accurate location impossible. Strangely, on the ground, a few spots of earth seemed visible, with the newly placed snow..... Melting.

The ships hold in orbit, waiting for orders from their commanders.

(You can now post)
An Overlord slowly hovers above the atmosphere, hidden from the larger ships. Ready to drop down into the atmosphere when the command was given.
I looked down on the planet, searching for a good place to begin landing procedures for the gunships. The other fleets had already tried to warn us away a couple times, but we'd made our point.
A few minutes after the other fleets arrive, another ship, this one not of a design recognized by any of the others, appears in high orbit. Several smaller craft warp in along with it, floating silently alongside the massive craft. The fleet makes its way toward the planet, no transmission being sent or received. At least, if they were received, there was no reply.

Without warning, a Lorian ship in the fleet's path begins to glow slightly for a moment, in moments escalating to a blinding orange-white flare which made it look very much as if a star had just gone supernova within it. A moment later when the light fades to a dim orange glow, there is almost nothing left to indicate that a ship had ever been there, save for a few particles of glowing debris, cooling as they spin endlessly off into space.

The fleet passes through the spot where the ship had been as if nothing at all had happened, two of the smaller craft dropping through the atmosphere toward the planet's surface, followed by two large, fragile looking spacecraft. The other two remain with the capital ship, deploying clouds of tiny ships which swarmed around them.
The ships of the Tal'darim landed on the surface near a valley. The initial ships revealed the ever diligent probes and a few escort of Tal'darim warriors. They began to warp in the buildings for a base camp. Soon more forces began to warp in waves. Among the first of these waves was the Imperator Telnis.

He looked around at his surroundings. This was a good place with a good view of the area. It was a good place to be the main base of operations. He sniffed the air. It seemed that the storm was heading the other direction.

"Ramadar, how are the slave broods?" asked Telnis.

"They are pacified in their cells for the moment. They will be ready when we have the necessary infrastructure to control them," Ramadar replied.

"Very well, I shall fortify this position in the meantime. What says the Executor?" asked Telnis.

"The Executor is trying to grasp a more accurate view of the area and plan accordingly and to hat end, he has sent scouts to search the surroundings. Of course, the weather is playing havoc with our more sensitive equipments so you are in the dark until then Imperator."

"These phenomena aren't affecting the crystals I take it?"

"No. They are stable. Any fluctuations within the matrix core and I will know immediately. Our broods are still under our control."

"Very well then Controller Ramader, tell me when you plan to...use the slave broods."

That was not cool, Owl. Unless you flew through the Lorian formation, that ship was not in your way..

IC: There was a brief moment of silence for the lost crew before several Lancelot-class Combat Cruisers lowered their altitude, launching gunships as Excalibur launched Strikers, Breakers and Athena fighters to patrol and escort the gunships down to the planets surface. We were going to build our base in a hollow mountain and use the entrance as a choke point. Already the perimeter defenses were under construction along with several key structures such as our command center and barracks. I sat on the bridge of Excalibur and waited for the last gunship before heading down.
flew through the Lorian formation
OOC: That would be correct (well, the edge of the formation anyway). Preprogrammed flight path, and using the logic of "there's a thing in the way, blow it up and who cares what it is". My entire fleet is completely automated right now, there are no living creatures controlling it whatsoever. Oh, and note that your people wouldn't even be sure exactly what happened to the ship; the weapons used against it have no visible connection from weapon to target (though it would probably still be suspected to have been some kind of weapon, seeing as the ship that blew up was in the fleet's path).

IC: On the planet below, the pair of Shades touch down in the planet's northern hemisphere near a large frozen lake. Eight construction drones and a trio of Guardians are the only passengers, with the pair of drone hubs floating above defensively. Six of the construction drones begin assembling some sort of structure with materials being dragged from the Shades, while the other two set out in search on planetside resources that can be used instead of ferrying materials down.
Morgan's Wyvern sits outside the atmosphere, far from the Lorian fleet. The Warlord sits in the bridge and surveys the planet. Slowly he rises and passes into the halls of the warship. As he enters the hangar thirty-two people start piling themselves into the two large dropships with mules carrying bags of skulls painted on them. The packmules. He approaches one himself and enters, grabbing onto one of the handle bars in the far wall.

The packmules lift up and fly over two mechs and pick them up, holding them underneath them. They then work together to pick up a large vehicle with an artillery cannon mounted on its back with hooks and a strong material made into a chain. As they exit the hangar people had entered a two small jet-like ships and a medium sized stone-looking ship and start following behind.

They enter the atmosphere without trouble, burning up the slightest with the flames quickly doused by the slowing down of the ships. They hit the ground by a mountain. Every exits out of the packmule and the hooks are removed from the Fiend and the Sirens are dropped from the packmules.

Morgan barked an order and the packmules picked the Fiend back up and carried it to the mountain while all the others maneuvered around rock formations or flew over them (the Harpies and Gargoyle). They scoured the mountain, soon finding a large cave, digging deep into the mountain. The Fiend was dropped just a few meters away and started moving into position just outside of it, and large spikes come down to keep it where it was. The Sirens and Harpies file through into the cave beside the Fiend and the Gargoyle lands just inside, as the primary the tunnels were too small for it. The packmules follow by the example. Then the infantry, the Sphynxes, the Hydra Rifles, the Juggernauts, and the Chaos Hunters start to move in and through the tunnels with Morgan right behind them.
(No forest on the planet, SF. Most of the planet is entirely snow, with a few spots where the snow is constantly melted. No trees can survive on the surface of the planet, even with the odd pockets of heat.)

Unknown to any of those on the planet, the locals had just noticed them arrive in the air. They are almost impossible to see in the snow, and with the extreme cold, most visors were freezing up, along with most of the equipment.

[Followers of Rak'nashal]
The tunnel in the mountain is closed off, being blocked by the natural formation of the mountain.

[Reclamation Fleet EVR3L-C]
Some clusters of materials were nearby, but several feet of snow would have to be dug through to reach them.
As the last of the preliminary defenses were wrapping in, Telnis looked for possible locations for the slave broods to descend to. The visibility was good enough for Telnis to see far ahead as the storm headed the other directions. Several probes were given instructions and went out into the open to set down the beacons.

"Ramadar, the slave broods will be ready to come down shortly after the rest of the warp beacons are set and adequate defenses are erected for the controllers and the Khaydarin crystals."

Ramadar acknowledged the message. Another voice appeared in Telnis's mind.

"Telnis, this is the Executor. Our scouts are manually mapping out your surroundings with their software. A composite of all the data collected will be complied to a map and sent to you and all other officers. I will stay in orbit and provide air support in the meantime. Though capital-class ships cannot land, orbital bombardment is still a very viable option."

"Of course Executor."
Two probes go offline, ones furthest from the base at the moment.

A few small rocks roll down to the entrance of the cave.
The grunts guarding the entrance immediately look for the disturbance, the last of the outer defenses just coming online. Not spotting anything, the resume their patrol, keeping an eye out for enemy forces. I had just arrived on Hot Molly, the gunship that had been transporting me since I'd become a Knight Errant and step out, looking over our turret, bunker and anti air emplacements. Satisfied it was all in place, I head for the command center, nodding to my men as I walk.
The overlord descended from orbit until it was floating about eight feet above a flat snowy area which was not to far away from the bases set up by the other races, but not to close where it would be noticed.

Suddenly seven Zerg fell out from the Overlord, they were Hunter Killers, but also they were different from most Hunter Killers as they had blue markings instead of red. One seemed to be larger than the others, the leader of the pack. With a silent command from the larger one they all turned completely invisible and as the Overlord flew back up into orbit the pack silently slithered towards their enemies.

- Mecha
Two probes go offline, ones furthest from the base at the moment.

"We lost the signal from two probes and they were farthest from us," reported a zealot.

"Signal malfunction?" asked Telnis.

"It is unlikely. Perhaps something out there has taken hold of them?"

"Perhaps. Take a small scouting force and see what happened. Avoid engaging hostiles if you find any. Our observers have arrived and they may be able to give you vision, weather permitting."

"At once Imperator."

[A small scouting force is sent out to investigate the missing probes.]
Would like to warn Mecha that I do have detectors, as does smylez.
Back in orbit near the Archive Ship, a large framework has been constructed. It is clearly evident that some sort of space station is being constructed, and the fleet surrounds it defensively like a swarm of wasps protecting their nest.

Far below on the planet's surface, a small base complete with sensor arrays and defensive emplacements was nearly completed. The construction drones -several more of which had been brought down to the planet- had uncovered reasonably large deposits of usable resources beneath the snow, which had been melted away with haste and the resources gathered and used in the base's construction.

A large tower was still being constructed in the center of the base, drones building the various components and then flying up to attach them. Six Shades assisted in the construction while two more patrolled in wide circles over the area, scanning for more resources and any native lifeforms and relaying the data back to the Archive Ship.

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