Hunt for the Snowbound Relic

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James slowly puts his helmet back on as he turns and looks uphill, grabbing his rifle and looking. That was too odd for his taste.
The drones were flying overhead, carrying mineral crystals. They were flying away from the mountain, heading elsewhere.

(Declaring dead. Will be less strict next RPs.....)
Well...that was fast...I even had a post too...
(Two days of idleness.)
I apologize...this died because of me...
The Zerglings dug and dug as the Drones were moving rock to see if they could possibly find any minerals. With Hydralisks keeping guard to protect these crews. With an occasional larva plopping on the ground all harmless like! Squirming as it wanted to grow big and strong!
At least my faction is more or less finished.
OOC: Nuuu... don't kill this please. Two days of dormancy isn't all that much.

IC: The Archive Ship notes the Carrier's crash site near the base. It was considered to be of low importance however; the ship did not consider it to be a significant threat. And survivors from the crash would be too few to have a chance of breaking through the base's perimeter.

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