K5 Kerrigan with no vocal sound playing

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1. k5 kerrigan on my custom map does not have voice when played in a map.
I did not change anything to the unit in data and as far as I see from campaign maps from blizzard, they have not changed anything to kerrigan data.
only thing i see different in campaign is the hero is created using trigger part,
but i dont see how one can preset hero "Kerrigan" because i cant track source how or what they did to create this unit with sound. nor i dont know if triggering this preset hero has any relevance to having a kerrigan hero voice sound.
i am not sure if this is bug or i am doing something wrong, but id like to know if i can have my kerrigan with proper kinky voices.
(fyi, all other heroes seem to have proper sound)

2. also, id like to know if some of units without death animation can have death animation added.
or id like to know if all units in the editor have death animation but just not installed to each unit in data.

3. kerrigan armor/weapon upgrade level display (e.g display of 1,2,3 on armor/weapon section of a unit respectively) and effective armor/weapon upgrade (actual bonus to the unit) cannot be added together to kerrigan, - one gets replace by the other if added. only one works at a time.
(you can do this to raynor(marine) who does not get upgrade benefit if not edited, and i can add the said upgrade display bonus and effective bonus and they do stack and work fine. just not kerrigan)
and i think gen warfield also did not work.

i figured it out, i had to add swarm(story) to depedency. this also helps elevate some of other problems like hero abilities and such.

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