Suggestion: Split and formation hot keys

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I just wanted to make the suggestion for 2 things that I think would help make microing easier.
1. Split command. Much like other RTS split key. This would take the current selected units and cause them to split into two equal groups and have them move a bit from each other. I imagined the split would work like this. For example 10 zealot, 5 stalker, 5 collosi army. Hit split key. Zealot split is even. And the stalkers would be split into 3 and 2. And the same for collosi. The 3 stalker would be paired with the 2 collosi to keep the split as even as possible. I think this should be for all races. Will help with army management, with micro against AOE attacks.
My search in this forum did not show that this had been suggested previously hence the new post.
2. Formation key. This was suggested in another thread, but that thread didn't seem to explain it and didn't get any responses. My thinking for this one. Is that you get your army in a control group and maneuver them into a formation manually. After this is done if you hit the formation key. That would lock the current formation. And units that are faster and slower would move at the same rate and maintain the formation. Again this would not be race specific. And would help in your army management. I get super irritated when I move my units into a formation, and then move them to some location and they all clump up again and ruin what I did.

Please respond and let me know what you think. Please provide reasons for any dissenting opinion. Saying "This idea sucks" is not helpful to anyone.

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