What works best to upgrade from Silver league

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What are some very effective Zerg builds you're using that got you to platinum?

Mass hydras and roaches?, rush mutalisks?
The worst thing that you can do when trying to get promoted is to rely on a specific build. You should focus on improving your macro, fundamentals, and mechanics. If you focus on specific builds to win you games then when you reach plat and can't win anymore you will still be at silver skill level. So basically you will have wasted all of the time that you could have spent actually improving your skill level to help you get past plat. What is the sense of accomplishment that you feel for reaching Plat when you know you are still at silver skill level?
upgrade from silver just learn all the roach rush(12 roaches rush)

once pool finish double queen(have good inject with them)
drone to 28/28 and drop roach warren
at 28/28 make 3 OL
once RW finish make roaches to 52/52
OL and keep flooding if you think you can win the game...if cant push in retreat and macro.

if retreat
next 100 gas go spdling if vs T..tech to lair if vs protoss..
and from there its up to you.let your creativity run wild
use my mnemonic!


Spread Creep

Just repeat that while building up your forces. Hope it helps.
stephano roach max build with hydra mixed in will get u all the way to platinum no problems

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