wonder if this would work

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ok we know that marines splits to counter banes, but what if you have banes moving around while marines is splitting you dont engage him you kinda move your banes in circle, and while you doing this you click one and burrow and keep moving.

Hopeing that banes look like they dieing and not burrowing so terran wont scan, then after you banes have died which hope about 30% have made it in burrow spread apart and bane land mines,

Just wonder if this would be possible in very aggressive game, I dont have APM to do it my self, but wonder if this would be possible to do or be to easily spotted
This strat would be extremely apm taxing without much payoff - hoping 30% of your units don't die because he may or may not notice they're burrowing isn't a a solid micro tactic.

get the bane speed upgrade
try to engage on creep when possible (that means you need to spread it)
use lings to swing around behind the marines, this stops them from running away, and if they split you get surrounds w/ your lings


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