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21 years after "The Event". The Event was when the prosperous plant of Terra had begun to die. The core was going cold, and slowly began to stop churning the molten rock inside. The planet's races came together to try to find a way to get the core from going cold, and get it back to moving. The warriors of Faraan Empire, and the think-tanks of The Voxan Matrix created the Faroxan Conglomerate, since they were on the landmass of Galenn. The Republic of Zeyn were on the lone, distant continent of Zeyous. They were the most advanced of the 3 societies, but also the smallest. The Faroxan Conglomerate and the Republic of Zeyn differed in ideas, and carried them out differently.

The Conglomerate had wanted to dig with the science of the Voxans, and the power of the Faroxans and power the core manually by sending metals and other raw materials through heated canisters to the core. The Republic however, wanted to go to another planet, and had been using all funding possible to make a new space program.

The 2 factions worked hard, the Faroxan Conglomerate finished their armada of drills and gathered the materials and started drilling. About a week later, they hit something. A ruins. The ruins was inside a large cavern and it had a very dense gas inside. The gas was black with hues of green and purple. They later found that the gas carried a virus that possible caused the wipe out of the civilization that once lived in these ruins.

The infection spread quickly, and soon the epidemic filled the landmass in a matter of weeks. There were few survivors and the Republic offered a haven to any of the survivors that were not infected. Most who took ships or aircraft were, and were executed and disposed of upon landing... Some few have made it, but a very, very slim few. The infected aren't all mutated mentally, but their physical mutations classify them as "inhumane" and unfit for society, and are banished from any survivor settlements. So was born the Exiled Cult. They attack as if they are infected, and despise anything that resembles "Order". They feral infected can look normal, but will rip you to pieces if you let them. Indigenous life has been affected as well, animals becoming more aggressive and adapting new weapons and abilities.

The world outside of some form of settlement is a new kind of dangerous. Everything you know is now gone. All that remains is your wits, your abilities, and survival.

By any means necessary.

Many things have been lost, many things are gone. But one thing that makes you different from the rest.

You have Hope.
Character sheet:

Previous occupation/skills:
Age: (if born into the disaster, please say so)
Race: (yes, still human, if non-human ask me first)
Abilities: (telepath, telekinetic, strong, agile etc.)
Starting gear: (dont get too OP with this, so if you have good armor, have a bad weapon etc.)
Bio: (Optional, but preferred to have)

Notes: Sorry for the wait in this RP, I had been busy once I got out of school... But im here now so have fun.
You may now post.
Let me see if DarkBlade or Final stand make it off the ground this time around before joining.
Might join but am slightly confused ... are we supposed to be part of this 'Exiled Cult'? And are there any kinds of mutations that would not be allowed?
Looks like it's going to be fun, but I'm going to wait to see if DarkBlade or Final Stand make the cut before I throw myself into another RP, as I'm in a lot right now.
Warhawk & Zarkun: Alright, just throw up a sheet if an when you can.

TLM: No, you are not with the cult, they are just one of the major enemies you'll face. You can have very minor mutations, like say you have harder skin, or your arms can change into different weapons like blades. Simple but effective things like that. If you have a mutation, throw it on the sheet and I'll see if its okay or not.

Sorry for the wait, Ceasars Palace doesn't have free wifi... (I was staying at Las Vegas for a family vacation )
hmm ... OK. will see what I can do for a character.
Just a quick bump.

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