How to stop Thor/Hellbat?

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Is there anyway to stop a hellbat/thor army these days? Some games when I get stuck in a Macro game i find myself just wasting my time because Terran always go thors and hellbats. What is a good counter for that?
u pretty much isntant win if you use roach/hydra + vipers for the cloud
but if you don't you vipers... you instalose

Also thor + hellbat are the slowest units in the game, wait until he moves out and counter attack... if he doesnt move out.. then take all the bases.
Banelings and Siege Mushrooms?
ummm broodlords? hellooo
Swarm Hosts work wonders.

Ling/Bling/Roach works pretty well, so long as you can nuke a bunch of Hellbats with the Banelings before you engage with the Lings/Roaches.

I'm sure there's a dozen ways to go about winning, its not about unit composition.
I say swarm hosts with good static at all your bases for drop defense and creep spread
Considering the fact that there is no long-range splash with that kind of army... a giant mass of banelings on the 3+ bases that you should have by then should be sufficient, assuming they haven't done any hellbat drops (Which could soon be nerfed into the ground). Even (properly-executed) mass baneling drops would work wonders against that since it's so immobile and Thors can't shoot that many spread overlords down fast enough.
I am no pro. I am just a casual Zerg player playing Unrank 1v1 usually against Gold and Plat.

Most of my ZvT games with Hellbats, I counter them with blings.

Most of my games looks like this:

I dont think Thor/Hellbats can run away from blings. They are superslow.

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