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As zerg in silver I've noticed I've struggled most against terran players. But anyways, I just played a 50 minute game against a guy who basically massed BCs and vikings. I made a ton of corruptors but I lost in all the engagements.

Should I go muta/corruptor? Or do I just have to micro well
I guess maybe infestors would be good. Probably the biggest problem was I should done more to cripple his economy.

Go with early pressure prevent / delay his natural, get way ahead etc.. don't give them any breathing room.
Ok thanks. I think I just have to work on pressure in general; it's probably the weakest part of my play.
BC's? I had a replay where I 'TOTALLY' pwned a T player who was siege tank turtling for BC's.

BTW, I am just a casual Z player and my games are far from perfect. Here's a replay how I handled a turtling T. I forgot to upgrade speed on my blings. But nevertheless, he still got pwned.

Let me know what you think of my strat. BC's are superslow. When I saw BC's from my Mutas, I immediately had all my Blings to attack coz I am max'd out on food supply. I made his BC's busy while I switch units. His BC's were pwned before they reach my base. LOL.

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