The Gate Project III

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A week has passed and stable relations have been established with the 'native' Ral'zar and a few of the native human groups. A stable influx of fresh meat, fruits and vegetables has been established using mainly the Gate Ships for transport as well as a few Ral'zar Phantoms. A small settlement has also been set up on the mainland staffed by a few expedition members but mostly by Humans that are native to the galaxy and have been willing to lend help in what ever ways they can. Most of the humans in this galaxy have relatively primitive technology, about medieval level, but due to the Buaith and Elites are not really mystified by the advanced technology. Rave, AXeDD, Jack, Aya and Feldraxium have been called to the Conference room for a mission briefing. Alvara, Enifin, Blake, Mareesa, and Sentry have been slotted for a briefing shortly after the first Team.

PRP and sign up:
Character Sheet:
Name: Enifin Shargage
Race: Human
Age: 46
Skill Set: Herbalist, Genealogist, Bladesman
Abilities: Blade Dance, Herb Lore, Pestle-Hilt, Herbal Modification
Appearance: Soft green eyes, black hair with some white showing through. Hard face, although the mouth is capable of making it seem softer.
Equipment: Strengthened swords, Strengthened Knife, Several pouches, gauntlet, breath mask, mortar (Medical version), Water purifier, Scalpel, 5 pairs of clothes, all camoflague for different terrain.

Name: Irroan
Race: Terran
Age: 28
Skill Set(s) and/or primary field(s) of training: Vanguard, Universe level cooking, Expert marksman, Expert level CQC, Proficient with all forms of weaponry, Utility, Standard Combat First Aid, Standard Field Combat Repair
Abilities: Relentless Assault, Rites of War, Indomitable Presence, Last Bastion
Appearance: 5'11 Asian skin tone and facial features, well toned musculature, square scarred face with an appearance of twice his age. You can see his underarmor slightly underneath his skin with appears to be pockets of receivers inbedded into his body, his armor give him an extra 5 inches of height.
Equipment: Scarred MHI Rifle, 2 Combat knives, Underarmor, Full suit of battered and faded blue body armor, Grenade belt, Assorted Space Spices, Liquid Purifier, Assorted simple field repair equipment

Name: Jerrold Freidman
Race: Terran
Age: 29
Skill sets: Survival expert, Master hunter, Proficient with modern fire arms as well as a longsword and axe.
Abilities: Hardy constitution, Marksman's focus, Winter native
Appearance: Wild looking man with a large brown beard that is braided slightly. His hair is neck length brown and rather unkempt. His eyes are a bright blue. He stands at about 6'4" weighs 230 pounds, and mostly muscle at that, and wears a chainmail armor that has been updated for the present times standard combat.
Equipment: B@satard sword, Hand axe, Needle Rifle. Modified chainmail style armor. Basic survival equipment (Tinder box, fishing line with hooks, flint and steel, distress beacon), Shovel, large knife

Name: Feldraxium
Race: Protoss
Age: 624
Skill Set(s) and/or primary field(s) of training: Demolition, Psionics
Abilities: Scarab Volley, Psi-Explosion, Cybernetic Enhancement, Psi-Shield
Appearance: Standard Zealot with helmet covering all his head save for his psionic appendage. A robe covers the entire suit, colored white with symbols of both Protoss and Xel'naga origin.
Equipment: Scarab Launcher, Cybernetic-augmented Armor w/ shields, Psi-blades, Plasma Det-packs
Name: Sentry #193206
Race: Protoss (Machine)
Age: N/A
Skill Set: Support
Abilities: Guardian Shield, Hallucination, Nano-Repair (Machines only), Forcefield
Appearance: Appears like the Nullifier
Equipment: Purifier Lightning Gun, Sentry-variant Support Drone

Name: Mareesa
Race: Ral'zar
Age: 607
Skill Set: Gladiator, proficiency with mechanics, basic Ral'zar medical training
Abilities: Short-range warp, active cloaking, Battle Rage, Predator(passive).
Appearance: (See PRP)
Equipment: Lightning Spear, Abyss Blade, Blood Rifle
Name: AXeDD (Anti-Xeno Defense Droid) Mk. 1
Race: Terran Droid
Age: 0.5 YSC. 0.25 YSA.
Skill Set: Ranged Combat, melee abilities poor, grunt work.
Abilities: Plasma Cannon, Booster Pack, Energy Overload, Vacant Module
Appearance: (See PRP)
Equipment: Ionic Turret, Miniature Machine Turret, Photon Hand Blaster, Hand located Flamethrower, Chest located mini-missile cannon, HUD, Core Generator, Ability Based Equipment, Optical Camera

Name: James Anderson
Race: Terran
Age: 35, Male
Skill Set: reconnaissance, general purpose infantry, mobile infantry
Equipment: C-8 Rifle, Dual Scythe Pistols, D-6 Grenades, G-4 Anti-personel mines, Stimpacks, Jetpack, Bailsong
Abilities: Pistolslinger, Fearless
Name: Edmond Jr. Van Lynn Hathway Baez
Race: Terran
Age: 27
Skill Set: Chemist, Xeno-biologist and cataloger extraordinaire.
Abilities: Cower, Play dead, Misdirection, Volatile Compounds
Equipment: His data pad running on solar energy and vials on his belt. Also his brains and carries a pistol with a single bullet.

Name Aya 'Lotus' Misoko Zareese
Race: Terran
Age: 23
Skill set: Medical Doctor, Biologist and Botanist.
Abilities: Heal, Rapid Growth, Viral infection
Equipment : Bullpup, .45 cal Pistol, Stun Rod, ODST type of armor with medical symbol and extra pouches for gear.
Appearance- 5'3" earthy brown long hair hair and almond brown eyes, Small build but is pregnant so yeah and very bookish looking.

Name: Jack "Magneton" Zareese
Age: 24
Race: Terran
Skill Set: Computer/Electronic Tech, Translation Expert, Novice pilot
Abilities: Polarity Shield, Electro-Magnetic sight, Electro-Magnetic manipulation, Master Hacker/Programmer
Physical Appearance: Well muscled but not overly so, 6' even, brown eyes, short cropped red hair,
Equipment: Magnum, Assault Rifle, combat knife, Personal computer

Name: Blake Ericson
Race: Terran
Age: 32
Skill Sets: Marksmanship, Scouting, Advanced survival skills
Abilities: Snipe, Tracking, Stealth.
Appearance: 5' 10", A dour square face with a mat of jet black hair. Hard brown eyes and slightly tanned skin. Sturdily built and well muscled. 200 pounds and not a gram of excess fat.
Equipment: Basic military grade bio-enhancements, Sniper rifle, Magnum, 12" utility/combat knife, Solar body armor with energy weave suit, Compression ammo tooler, Rebreather, Optic visor, Extraneous gear.

Name: Rave
Race: Human
Age: 26
Skill Set: Advanced CQC training, Wilderness survival skills, Combat Lifesaver
Equipment: Shield blade, twin SMGs, Halo 4 Venator armor painted white and forest green
Appearance: 5'10", blue, spiky hair, ice blue eyes, 195 lbs, thin, but deceptively strong.
Abilities: Shield Bearer, Supressive Fire, Charge, Incindiary Rounds
NPC Character Sheet:
Name: Katniss Braun
Race: Terran
Age: 40
Skill Set: Diplomat, Arbitrator, Expedition Leader
Abilities: N/A
Appearance: 5'6", slight build, lithe, semi athletic, shoulder length brown hair,
Equipment: service pistol, ghost like Hostile Environment Suit(no cloak), personal computer,

Name: Femiix
Race: Protoss
Age: 762
Skill Set: Lead scientist, Survivor, novice combatant, moderate psionic
Abilities: Psi-pulse, Technopath,
Appearance: 6'4", relatively slight build for a protoss
Equipment: modified zealot armor, single psi-blade

Name: Jamal Jones
Race: Terran
Age: 38
Skill Set: Combat Veteran, Security Chief,
Abilities: N/A
Appearance: Bald, gruff, medium build, 6', well muscled
Equipment: Full set of body armor, Light Weight Machine Gun (LMG), combat knife, pistol
aya rolled in her sleep as her hands searched for Jack while she laid in bed.
Zanon, if you disagree with what I'm about to do, let me know, but I'mma getting an energy blade. Morph, if you dislike it, I'll live.

IC: I walk into the briefing room, contemplating some of the things the Elite had told me over the last week, specifically about the Buaith (Can't ever remember how to spell that :/). Most of it worried me more than I was willing to show and a lot of it, specifically their feeding process, was reason to avoid them as long as possible. "Afternoon, Colonel. What's up?"
I take the medication bottle and head back to my room taking two of the pills as was recommended and resume trying to sleep.
I wait around, wondering when our briefing will be, and for what. I hadn't slept well lately.
Feldraxium crosses his arms, waiting for the briefing to start.
OOC: Ok just got to say this before it becomes a issue.


Thank you for understand. I was going to post it last night but net cut out on me.
You're aware Kroger is the only one who fliggered, right? Not to mention we can read.
Yes zarkun I know..... but every thread someone mistakes the city for a ship so reposting it. It wasn't aimed at anyone just a reminder.
Eh, fair enough.
Zark: please back off of steel. I'll handle him if needed. also not entirely sure about the energy blade right now ... I guess you can keep it for now unless zanon has a problem with it.

IC: I place my hand on Aya and shake her gently to wake her up. "Time to get up dear. We have a briefing to get to."

The Colonel looks at Rave and Feldraxium. "You can wait until everyone is here."

Aya groaned a little not wanting to wake up. "Oh fine... if I have to." She says getting up and changing into clothes.
I hug Aya gently. "I know you don't want to I don't either but we do need to."

She puts on her glasses before kissing Jack. "Lead the way honey." She says with a yawn still not wanting to leave.
I lead Aya up to the conference room and we sit beside each other as we wait for the rest of the group to arrive.
OOC: Not to be terribly obstinate zarkun, but I do have a problem with it. Simplest comparison I can make is the belt system in the martial arts, except it has an almost religious component to go with it.

My lore on them is this:
After a warrior has proven himself in battle many times with a projectile weapon of some sort, he finally receives a red blade. He then is trained excessively in its use, a period lasting no less than 2 years, regardless of skill with the blade. These tasks include the tree trimming you witnessed earlier. This teaches humility.

The blue energy blade is for those who have proven themselves after years of service to the Masters and demonstrated competence with the blade. Most never receive a blade rank higher than this.

The final blade rank is gold. Those who have served for many more years and proven themselves to be worthy commanders of many of their kind receive this blade.

No matter how deep the shame cast upon a warrior, his blade rank can not be reduced, for it will serve as a reminder of how far he has fallen. On the other end of this, you can not rise in blade rank by slaying another higher ranking individual. You may keep the blade as a trophy, but if you are ever caught using a blade above your station, the punishment is death.

You were spared because you were holding the blade, not carrying it into combat. If you had carried it into combat, no force save death could have stopped the xeno from taking your life.
Long story short, yes, I have a problem with you plot-holing yourself an energy blade.
I was sorta just going for unique with the color...I'll edit it at home. 3G is a pain to edit.

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