The Gate Project III

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I nod and keep going only doors that didn't bar our path open.

Rave sees a small pad like device on the wall. it seemed to be motion sensitive and the mechanism that opens the door.
Looking at it from the side, I check the ammo clip carefully and then wave my hand in front of it, letting the door open.
OOC: Sorry, I'm going to drop this RP for now... I just couldn't get into it without making my character a cry-aloud. Also seems to move when I'm asleep. Don't feel like plinking a "X moved to y" every hour to keep myself on-task.
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"Jack I think later I can come up with a way to use your ability and my viruses to maybe hack these ships semi remotly." She says to him while moving on.
Quickly making my way to one of the ships, I give it a quick once over with my scaners, as I ID the various parts of the ship;
cockpit, engines/thrusters, power source, weapons, etc.
"Remote detonator ready to link. Power at 20%." Sentry announces in the hanger.

Feldraxium gives a psionic grunt, and says If we can't find a way off the ship going down, and we use the ships in the hanger, we may have to find some rope, or hope someone has a jetpack. He turns and scans the area, listening for the sound of the Buaith and scanning for unknown mental signatures.
"Don't worry there is a stair way." I say heading towards the downed group. I look at Aya. "Yeah that might be a good thing though these ships are very adaptable."

A soldier comes over to Blake and shows him how to wire the ships for sentry. "Do it like this and we can blow this whole hangar." he says before moving on.
I grunt and nod, grinning behind my helmet;
"Good. Let's wire them all and run like hell."
I reply, setting the ship I'm at and quickly moving on to the next one.

"I can figure something out." She says still behind Jack. "Lets just focus on getting out now."
Waiting for a DM post.
I nod to Aya as we come to the stunned group. "Help them I'll go get blake and his group" I say heading up the stairway right next to them.

The door opens and inside is a small but well concealed balcony over looking a chamber with a large table two Buaith Guards, The colonel that was just coming around and two others that Rave didn't recognize.

The group sabotaging the buaith ships were about halfway down.

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You're fine.

IC: Slipping into the room, hopefully unnoticed, I level my SMGs with the guards and wait.
One of the figures looks definitely male and walks up to Jamal. "How did you get weapons like these? We have been keeping tabs on all Human populations in the galaxy! none have this kind of weapon or armor!" He says obviously he was Buaith and quite irrate.
"I have no idea what you are talking about!"
With an SMG leveled with each guard, the weapons sing, gunning them down before I charge the interrogator and slam my shield, grown into a kite shield, into him and send him flying. "Howdy. Name's Rave and I'm taking my friend here home."
The two guards fall and as Rave charges the interrogator he grabs the shield and flings Rave to the wall like a rag doll. "Do not interfere human you will have your turn."
Pausing between wiring the ships, I take a careful look around, no reason to get careless now.
I trot over to Blake. "Hello. Don't worry there aren't any Buaith in the hangar."
Changing from shield to blade, I circle the interrogator. "You sure seem confident. Care to put your money where your mouth is without a stun gun?"
The female blind sides Rave with a blow to the head. The punch had enough force behind it to crack his helmet lick an egg shell. "Feisty this one! I will enjoy feeding off of you!" She hisses knocking his sword away. The other one chuckles and returns to trying to get Jamal to talk.
Rolling and coming back up, a new blade forms and I hit a button on my PDA, an ice ax coming out.. "Ha, I did remember them!" Facing the female, I take a ready stance. "So, think you got what it takes?"

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