The Gate Project III

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"Good. We're going to want to run like hell soon. Between the three of us, we've nearly finished wiring the ships to blow. Something tells me it going to be an impressive explosion."
I chuckle and nod as the other two soldiers finish up. "Come on lets go and piece of advise don't touch me right now." I say a tiny bit of electricity arcing between my bare toes.

The queen laughs and throws Rave across the room again. "You are out matched human!"
At what point did she clear the distance?

IC: Before her hands had gotten a grip on me, I slid inside her guard and rammed my shoulder into her, following up with a kick that knocks her back further. "You underestimate someone who makes a living fighting Zerg."
OOC: didn't knock him far away and you never said you backed up either.

IC: The queen grabs Rave and uses his own momentum against him to send him headlong into the wall beside them. "You cannot beat us!" She doesn't even really seem to note the word 'Zerg' having been used since it holds absolutely no meaning to her.
Spinning around, I put the ice ax in the back of her knee, tearing out to the side. "You underestimate us!"

Aya kept working on the people who were stun trying to figure out a way to prevent this effect or to wake them from it faster.
Mareesa recovers first, and with her teeth bared she growls and walks through the halls with one thought in mind, to consume whoever caused her humiliation.
Aya couldn't seem to find any way to prevent or shorten the stun time but the two soldiers were starting to come around.

The two soldiers in the hangar finish wiring the last dart up and return to Jack, Sentry and Blake.

The queen back hands him sending him across the room and leaving a dent in his armor. Her knee was already starting to heal.
Rolling and coming back up, the ax goes back in it's slot and an SMG comes out, raining hot lead on her. "Eat lead!"

"Good you two are waking up.. how do you feel?" she asks them still checking vitals
Quickly securing a line to a handy outcropping at the hanger exit, I turn to the sentry;
"Sentry, what's your maximum range for detonation?"
"Ten Klicks, ten kilometers, 6.2 miles. Power at 88%." Sentry says.

Feldraxium turns toward the ship, and sends a mental 'Hmm....'

OCC: I think the numbers may be a bit too much, personally.
Morph, are giving this the axe?

I whistle;
"Damn. At least we'll be able to blow this thing sky-high from a safe distance."
*shrug* maybe ... everyone seems to forget about this ... SF never even posts anyway unless something peaks his interest ... zark is busy half the time ... I guess I'll try to keep it going for a bit more ... IC in a bit.
I still check things. Honestly, I've been playing Elsword the last few days. Finally have my Infinity Sword and my Weapon Taker.

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