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OOC: Give it a battle or two, and we will see what he thinks of you. I'll see about a blade then.

PS: The forums are eating my posts like crazy, be back in a bit.
OOC: Anything I need to know about the biology of the elites?
OOC: Well, they are alien, so anything that has a chemical component can't be used with any sort of reliability. Who knows? Painkillers might be deadly. You are kind of down to the 'Plug the bleeding hole' level of medicine.

As far as dietary concerns, he seems happy enough with cooked meat.
"Would he have given the true name of his species when Mareesa asked? If so, what is it?"

Mareesa makes her way to the briefing room, having made sure all of her armor and weapons were located properly.
Taking a seat, I play with my shield blade, thinking back on what had happened to Tex. That's when it occurred to me. Shooting upright, I leave the room and beeline to Doctor Sloan and the Elite. "I wounded a Buaith."
SF changed Mareesa to second team. AXeDD needs to report.

Aya watched as Rave got up and left a puzzled look on her face. "I wonder if he is alright.. I mean the fish last night was alittle raw."
"Damn it..."

Do to alteration Mareesa disappears, and in her place AXeDD appears. "Reporting in. What is this about?"
"Dunno." I sigh and shake my head.

Jamal shakes his head. "Hang on AXeDD it a mission briefing and one of your team members just ran out when I was about to start." {Rave get your as$ back to the conference room on the double or your doing dish duty for a week!}
{Give me five mikes. Hell, patch the briefing through here. I need to know something.}
{What ever you are up to can wait Rave.}
{The Elites know more about the Buaith than we do. Five mikes, that's all I ask.}
{I know that Major now get your damn !@# up here or I swear you WILL be on kitchen duty for a while!}

OOC: btw zanon if you would kindly avoid giving ranks to people/NPC's I want very few officers that are above LT. thus I'm busting Major Tim down to a Second Lt.

Aya blinked at the colonel a few times confused at what was happening. "that can't be good... and colonel is this about a mission?" She was playing with her data pad planning out new farm tech they could use and a better diet for herself.
Drats. Demoted.
The Colonel nods to Aya. "Yes it is."

OOC: I do believe I already said that in response to AXeDD steel. and yeah sorry zanon XD
OOC: Meh she didn't hear him.

[Aya] "off world?" She asks looking at him not feeling comfortable about going on a mission.
Jamal nods as Rave comes in. "Yes Off world and I promise Dr Zareese this will be your last off world unless we absolutely need your expertise." He looks up at Rave and motions for him to sit. "Nice of you to join us. I'll start the briefing in a moment." He says before making sure everyone was here.

"Thank you colonel" She says looking at her pregnant belly. She enjoyed having new life in her but hated how useless she felt on the expedtion.
"I'm not dead." Dr. Sloan immediately wished he had said something more profound upon waking, but it couldn't be helped.

"No, your not dead." 2nd Lt. Tom [>:(] responded with a smile. "I might even go so far as to say you are healthy, though that head of yours definitely needs a check. I mean seriously! One of our operatives pulled you aside and you went back to participate in a suicide charge?"

"It seemed like a good idea at the time." Doctor Sloan responded. Then he noticed Tom's leg and asked, with all the subtly of a land slide: "What happened to your leg."

Tom patted his leg with a smile. "Unlike you (you lucky sun of a dog) I got shot by a weapon that wasn't set to stun."

The xeno turned his head to look at Tom. "Our weapons don't have stun settings."

Dr. Sloan's eyes widened and he asked the xeno a question in their rapid language. "You shot him?"

The xeno looked offended. "Of course not. I would not have missed."

2nd Lt. Tom waved a hand at the doc. "Hey, English please?"

Dr. Sloan looked guilty for a moment. "Sorry Tom. How bad is it?"

Tom shook his head. "Not that bad considering. I technically suffered 'splash damage' so it is not as bad as it could be." He laughed briefly at his own joke. "Anyway, let me fill you in..."

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