The Gate Project III

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Just so y'all know, I'll be posting even less now. I's got a job.

IC: Looking over every one, I raise my eyebrows at the collection. even Jacl and Aya? The hell's going on?
I pack my gear neatly into my pack as this next trip was for a week. We were exploring one of the planets we have been gathering some of our food from in more detail, least with in a 5 klick radius of the gate.It was going to take awhile but someone needed to do it and the group of gathers that I led were slightly more familiar with that planet than the others. We would meet a team at the gate in two days from deployment to resupply, relay information, and give samples of mineral plant life and animal life that we find. Upon finishing packing I head to the gate to wait for my team.

"Looks like everyone is here colonel.. so what are the details of this mission?" She asks rubbing her stomach and eyes. She was still tired and mostly just wanted to go back to bed.
He nods and starts. "One of the groups we have been establishing relations with has a few people that are sick and have requested our assistance which is where you come in Aya. Jack they are living near an old city they once occupied but they don't like going in it. if possible I want a few of you to scout out the city see if there is anything salvageable but be careful it is extremely old and no one has been in it fro centuries."

"When do we leave and I will need to take a few people from medbay with me." She says typing in her data pad.
Any signs of recent hostile activity in the area we are going to? Feldraxium sends
"Only you Aya. I'm sorry but we need to limit the size of our teams going off world and none Faldraxium."
Enifin could NOT enter the CLOSED briefing.
OOC: Gah sorry, got confused. I am capable of mistakes, admittedly.
"Possible defense systems in the city?"
"It still bothers me."

Doctor Sloan looked up from his book to consider the xeno. "What bothers you?"

The xeno turned its head. "The Buaith should not have been at the planet. We selected it for colonization because it was uninhabited. They were waiting at the colonization point for us. Worse yet, it was not a scouting party, they came with enough units to disable all of us." The xeno gives the equivalent of a sigh. "Perhaps luck just was not with us and we were seen by chance when we visited the planet the third or forth time. I know not. Still... It bothers me."
"So far as we know none but stay on guard anyway. AXeDD and Jack you are tasked with trying to scout the city but if the natives protest greatly do what they say the city isn't terribly important. Aya, Rave and Feldraxium will be assisting the natives with their problems."
I laugh, shaking my head. "Colonel, with all due respect, I know combat techniques, CLS and wilderness survival. Not exactly good for helping natives unless they've got an enemy of somekind."
Colonel nods and chuckles. "The lifesaving will be useful for helping Aya and keep an eye out just in case some of the natives get a bit restless."
"Whatever you say, Colonel."

"When do we gate sir?" She asks making sure to list the equipment she would need.
Thought you were gone all day steel.

IC: "Soon as everyone is ready."
OOC: Training center closed at 5 so I get paid form 8 to 5 today... monday idk when I will be here.
I stand up, bearing the blade of my shield blade. "Ready when you are."

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