The Gate Project III

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I am ready to move. Feldraxium sends.

"Will grab what I need once we are finish here. Be good to go in 10." She says standing up
The Colonel nods. "Dismissed report to the gate room in 15!"

Aya nodded to the colonel before heading down to medlab to pick up all her gear. She was still tired and she felt like her unborn wieghed like dark matter at the moment. She did not really want to go on anymore missions but wouldn't abadon anyone who was in need of her medical skills.
Standing up, I head to the gate room, checking my SMGs and ammo. We'd been able to get some tobacco and stuff for cigs and cigars, so I had a fresh stash, but ammo was tricky as not one group was past earth medieval tech.
Rolling out of bed, I grab a bite to eat and swing by the command room;
"Where am I needed?"
Feldraxium turns and walks over to the Gate Room. He takes out his Khaydarin crystal, and inspects it, before putting it away again.
"And the Ral'zar use different ammunition."

AXeDD arrives in the gate room, each of his modules activating in some way for a quick time, and each one was working perfectly fine. He still required the plasma gun they had seen earlier, but the Colonel and science team would not allow him to assimilate it.
I go get changed into my armor and then see if Aya needs any help.

Aya had changed into her armor. It barly fit her still but she knew it would be better to wear it instead of being without it. She had grabs her medical backback and a small lab kit that she allowed Jack to carry for her. "Hopefully this will be my last mission off world till our baby is born." She says to him while they walk to the gate room.
"So do I dear so do I." I say with a smile my helmet under my arm that was carrying her lab kit. I take her hand in my own lovingly. "If you need me I'll be there."

Aya held Jack's hand as they entered the gate room. She looked around and found a place to sit while they waited to go on the mission. "I wonder what the others will be doing while we go on this mission."
I nod and wait. "So do I but we have our own mission to worry about." As we wait the team Jerrold was leading heads through the gate and a few minutes later our outgoing gate is being dialed. "Looks like it's about time to go."

Aya got up and watched as the gate dialed. She grabbed her backpack and smg ready to go as soon as it finished dialing. "Guess its time to go now..."
The Colonel looks to Blake for a moment before watching the team he had just briefed leave. "Hello Blake. You are free for now but your team has a briefing in a few hours."
I grunt and nod, heading back to my room.
OOC: ya'll can do sub plots ya know ... in fact please do
Coming out of the gate on the other side, I wait for the others come through, watching for the humans and potential threats.

"Well this is a pretty place so far." She whispers just loud enough the team could hear her.
I nod in agreement looking around. We were in a large open field with a treeline maybe a mile or so off and a small group of people coming towards us. "Looks like the natives already know we are here."

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