What to do in matches like this?

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I thought I played pretty well.. if it weren't for his storms I think I'd have steamrolled him.
You have some of the same problems as me. You took a while to saturate your bases, you took your third really late.

at 10:00 he was ahead of you 48 probes vs your 39 drones.

You did eventually "drone up hard" and pass him in worker count.. problem is he was already done with worker production by then and was producing his death ball. This threw your timing off and stunted your counter army

Other than that not much I can say because both you and your opponent are clearly above my level.. but yeah it's the little things like what I pointed out actually makes a big difference.

I think where you started to lose was your unit composition.. colossus tears up infinite zerglings I'd have abandoned them, try to get ur hive tech out faster than you did, those ultras came kinda late after your main army already got poofed, so basically they need fire support (ultras do) to be effective.

Another piece of advice. Don't compliment your opponent like that it adds a psychological effect, where he remained silent and didn't get chatty that probably put you on edge

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