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Specifically a way to make it actually useful to both map/mod creators and players and not just 1.3.5's.... Lets not go there.

What can be done is have Fun or Not instead become "Test a map". The idea is it uses a similar search system (keeps a lot of code perhaps) to pick a random map from a certain genre selection (like Tug of War or Hero Defense) of the player's choice and they can go in and test the map and leave feedback in reviews. Maps that are flagged "in testing" should lose all reviews when they lose the flag.

This is a suggestion to reuse an unused aspect (and it really was a... lets not go there) of battle.net.

A method has to be found to get map creators the testers they need without having to go channel to channel, beg and then finally give up (the average case). On top of it since creators will spend most of their time in the map editor and there is no battle.net chat in the said editor this may provide a partially useful and automated way for creators to get at least some feedback on their maps. Not being able to get testers has proven to be a great deterrent for new and experienced mappers trying to use Galaxy Editor and this might go at least some ay to remedy that problem.

It would also be a useful PR move on Blizzard's part for relatively low resource expense because the lack of visible action on Blizzard's part to effectively (that is whoever that bright boy in Blizzard who thinks he knows better than... lets not go there; his/her ideas should never be used again) remedy the arcade situation has done a substantial amount of damage to HotS revenue lost because of the situation with the arcade.
Sounds like a good idea. Multi-player maps can be quite difficult to test given the current system.

To add on to that, it'd be nice if you could do a in-testing flag for new versions of a map when you want to test new features. Make it so that people could still play the previous version of the map normally, but then try out the new test map version in this mode.
Or it could send a link saying flag has been off please rate again by playing or your rating gets removed. XD
I'm totally for a flag like that. I imagine you put the Flag Testing on your map, then create it and in the Open Games, there could be a search for testing map justl ike; tug of war, action, hero, etc.

So someone that wants to test a map could just change his search and go in.
Well if the great Fenix likes it must be done!

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