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Yeah, in fact you had two or three last time around, Jester.
Yeah, three characters. One kinda didn't do anything. I'll go make the sheet now.
Alright, I'll wait for it.
^RPer Name^
Name: Brooke
Age: Unkown
Race: Replon
Weapon(s): Six small Drones, Replon weapons
Magic(s): None. Replon Tech abilities
Appearance: Female with a humanoid look, wearing elegant dress-wear, giving her the look of a noble-woman, which conceals the durability of her frame. She has teal eyes, with black, cropped hair. A single yellow orb is located on her stomach, covered by her clothes. The clothes are mostly grey with a dark green cloak, and black gems located like buttons around her clothes.
Back story: Replon combat automaton designed for prolonged combat. Takes the name Brooke, which was adopted from being named by a child. Brooke was forced to shut down due to the lack of Ser, and stored away, waiting to be reactivated to fight once more.

Note: Drones can combine to form melee weapons, like an axe or a sword. They also have their own weapons.
Well here's my Replon char

The Guardian of Bolleer (Bolleer for short):
Race: Replon
Weapon(s): Claws, Jaws, Tail Spear, Cleansing Fire (locked) , Energy Blast (Locked).
Appearance: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Festus-349260324
Blue Eyes with a large blue crystal in his chest.
Back story: The city of Bolleer had a plague of attacks from all sorts of unholy beasts many many years before Ser broke apart. While the guards and walls were initially able to keep the beasts out they soon learned how to climb or circumvent the walls and kill the poor guards, giving them free reign over the city. So a Replon was built designed to not only crush the beasts but to bring hope to the people and inspire fear into the people so a 25 foot long Replon dragon was soon built. This dragon was soon to be known as The Guardian of Bolleer and not only crushed the beasts attacking the city but exterminated the beasts that while not openly hostile to the city, prevented any real attempts of expansion into the lands around the city. Many years after the beasts were all exterminated the Guardian stopped doing his rounds and was shut down, preserved inside a monument for all to see. Now many years after the shatter of Ser and the whole city is lifeless except for inside of monument where the Ser energy from The Guardian allow life to hold on and recently, survivors.

NOTES: Due to his programming being corrupted the Guardian cannot access his full arsenal of weapons and Replon abilities (yet)
Mecha...No. You're making a lot of assumptions with the Replons for one thing. Jester, you're good.
What kind of assumptions and what else???
Well, deactivation for one. Two, the whole guardian thing is far from what militant Replons were used for, and three, that they looked like a dragon, though that's fine. Just answering your question /troll.
Name: Vorcha
Age: 97 (looks about mid 20's)
Race: Elven
Weapons: Dark Staff, Shadow Revolver, and Martial Arts
Magic: Shadow/Elemental (mainly Fire)
Appearance: Black, medium armored robes. Dark skin, red eyes, 7ft. 2, moderate muscle mass.
Back story: Born in a small village, and his parents were killed from Replons. The small elf boy had always aspired as a mage, and especially loved fire. Being the odd child he was, he was the origin of many fights, and eventually learned from the village's Blade Smith how to fight. And he learned well. The Smith had been like a father to him, and made him a staff, Scorchon, that amplified his powers. Later in his life, he had found books of Shadow Magic, he found this side of magic very interesting. When the Breaking had happened, his village fell to the chaos, and he had, not fallen to it, but embraced it. His staff had become corrupted, and became Souldron From a human outpost he had once raided, he found a revolver and modified it to his powers. He is not a creature of Chaos, he is a disciple of it. He wanders Serin, seeking victims to his never-ending bloodlust.
Looks good, but I'm probably going to review it further when I get home and take a nap. Dog tired at the moment and can't think straight.
1: Well not really deactivation, more of they ordered him into hibernation.
2: Guardian is just what the people named him and humans are adaptable, they have a problem, they build something to solve it. And when did I say he was a militant Replon???
He automatically falls under that by weaponry.
zark have you gotten my note or have you been unable to get on DA?
Got it, just haven't been on a comp yet.
This looks interesting.

I'll write up a character sheet in a bit.
Be glad to have you.
zark would like to talk with you on da later if possible.
I can try, but it took me...ten or so minutes to get just this page to load up using my phone, so yeah, don't bet on anything.
Age: 67
Race: Human, Male
Weapon: Staff and sword.
Magic: Restoration Magic

Quote: "Old wizards don't get that way by being easy to kill."

Appearance: He looks like a wizard should. Very old with a long white beard and a pointed hat that he is very proud of. His robes are a white that has turned somewhat grey due to travel dust and general use. He has a longsword that he used to wave about a lot more when he was younger, but rarely wears it now unless he expects trouble. His belt contains multiple pouches and slots for glass vials, most of which are full of various healing supplies.

Back story: Like all old people, he used to be a lot younger. In his youth he served as a combat healer for several different warlords (as who controlled the area's Ser Shards was subject to change every so often) and learned the blade so he could defend himself and those who needed healing.
He rarely uses the sword today, doing just enough to keep his skills from totals vanishing, but trains less and less often because "The blasted thing is murder on my wrist and back." But in spite of this he knows that it would be true folly to let his skill with the blade rot like so much meat left in the sun.

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