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Gonna wait a bit to start it up anyways.
War, you're up. Morph, still waiting on you.
Name: Soren Talmerez
Age: 30
Soldier type: Artemis Engineer
Appearance: Bald, 6 foot 4, heavy build, scar running down left eye to lip.
Armament: Automatic Shotgun, Heavy Gauss Cannon
Technopathy: Manipulates machines and vehicles, allowing for remote control
Deploy Turret: Deploys a turret of his choice, weapon varies from flamethrowers to rockets. Includes two specialized, custom-made turrets.
Repair: Can repair almost any machine
Psi-sense (passive): Soren becomes a detector
Scatter-mines: Deploys a mixed group of automated mines.
Backstory: Earth-born trooper with a unique aptitude with technology. Was stationed on Mars as a guard for a research station before the invasion had begun, and now fights to survive and find others before it is too late.
Starting planet: Mars

Note: Can control Protoss vehicles as well as terran vehicles.
Looks good, Jester. I'll add him to the list when I get on later today. One more for Mars then its closed. Just a reminder, there are two other panets, but only Earth and Mars have Artemis soldiers.
Looks good, Jester. I'll add him to the list when I get on later today. One more for Mars then its closed. Just a reminder, there are two other panets, but only Earth and Mars have Artemis soldiers.
Will have my char up when I get back from work. Have it pretty much done just need to do name and perhaps add a few final tweaks.
I see a lot of Mass Effect in here... I like it :3

Lol, jk.

I want to get back into Roleplaying and I think this is the Roleplay I want to do it in, being sci-fi and all :D

That is... If you would accept my humble request, Zarkun. :)
Thane... just throw up a char sheet. Simple as that.
I've been making it(;

Name: Veley "Smiles" Riffost
Age: 23
Soldier Type: Infantry/Special Tasks Group
Devroy Manufactured M-93 Sniper Rifle (
P-45 Gauss Pistol
Combat Knife
Abilities: If I need this, I will add it in. Still don't think abilities should be in Roleplays :\
Starting Planet: Earth

Veley was the youngest of eight siblings on a ranch back on earth. Her brothers and sisters would always physically fight to pass time and strengthen themselves. The fights were everything to them. Defeat was not an option. Fights would be staged in the barnyard where adults couldn't see them and they would often times get seriously injured or bullied. Veley got the worst of it. She had never won a fight in her life until the age of sixteen after training extensively on her own. The neighbor boy was training to be an elite soldier in the nearby academy and he helped her with several techniques and moves that gave Veley the edge in most combat types. Formal training became invaluable to her later success.

With no parents or adults involved in the fights, they easily became beatings Veley and other younger siblings were forced to endure. Veley became bitter and Rude to those she didn't know well. Veley felt completely alone in the world. The neighbor boy was the only source of good in her life. He trained her in rifles and close combat alike. The two became close and through the next few years, he trained her as she became the soldier she needed to be.

Veley had been running and hiding in the fields while the fights went on every night to avoid the usual beating, but this time, she would show up. Silent and humorlessly, she subdued each and every challenger.

By seventeen years of age, Veley left her family behind to pursue a romantic relationship with the neighbor boy, who was to be stationed on Mars. She took the next transport to meet him and spent much time with the boy. They continued to strengthen their relationship throughout their time together until he was called to serve on tour aboard a ship.

Veley returned to Earth and did mercenery work as she patiently waited for her love to return. It was on the news she saw the ship he was on crumble under the might of the zerg. Devastated and distraught, she became a bounty-hunter. Hunting was natural to her and fighting was the only thing she knew how to do.

Three years passed since her old neighbor was KIA. She continued to mourn for him and take self-pity until she realized the aliens would soon silence all terrans in the galaxy. She had to join the military. Enlisting in the nearest academy, she furthered her training and was instantly inserted as a sniper in the infantry.
Starting planet, please
Permission given and it's fine. Sticky keys happen.
Name: Cea'lil
Age: 60
Soldier type: Chaplain
Appearance: Light-weight power armor that is not as big as CMC suits, with gold colored square shoulders, and a black helmet with a square mouthpiece and red eye-slits. Some odd symbols adorn her armor, and a mechanical arm extends out of her left shoulder, which houses the Blaster. Shields are available to users of the suit.
Armament: Energy Tri-Scythe, Shoulder-mounted Automated Blaster
Precognition(passive): Low level psionic abilities allows Cea'lil to peer into the future, predicting attacks.
Enhanced Mobility(passive): Twin modules built into Cea'lil's armor allow her to use her jetpack and raise the speed she sprints at.
Grenade: Throws a proximity-activated smart grenade.
Resolve: Cea'lil recites a prayer, inspiring her to fight harder.(DM/RPers choice if it works on others)
Backstory: Cea'lil is relatively young by the standards of her people. Originally a member of the XEF, most of their leaders were lost, and those that survived fled to Korhal IV. Cea'fli has seen little combat between where she had originally lived and Korhal IV. Despite that, she is eager to prove her skills, and help defend humanity. As a Chaplain, she was given respect from her people and she feels cheated regarded it. She hopes that the XEF will reform once again, but secretly, she doubts it will happen after all the damage that has been caused.
Starting planet: Korhal IV
Looks good, Jester. I'll get 'em all added here soon. Except you Mark, still need a starting planet.
Oh, sorry, Earth. Thought that was obvious :\
Kinda left it in the air with the bounty hunter bit. I'll add ya soon as I can.

Edit- Want at least two for each planet before I start this. Mars is closed and need one more for Earth and Korhal.
Name: "Echo" (Original Name unknown)
Age: 23
Soldier type: Psionic Reaver
Appearance: (I'll do this later
Armament: (I'll do this tomorrow)
Abilities: (Same as Armaments)
Backstory:(I'll do this later)
Starting planet: Mars

Ugh. I had a full think of data and it got deleted!
First, Mars is closed. Second, real name has to be given so I know it. Doesn't mean the other characters know it.
06/18/2013 04:44 PMPosted by Zarkun
Want at least two for each planet before I start this.

I can make another character if you want.
Korhal might need another. Xer, knock it all out NOW.

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