Final Stand PRP 2

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06/22/2013 05:34 PMPosted by Zarkun
So, xer. I still need to think on yours. Morph, wait on that. Right now, air support is REAL slim and you'd be needed on the ground.

Which area?
06/22/2013 05:43 PMPosted by ShadowFury
In response to this, I was going to make a giraffe character, so...

Only supporting my argument...


Anyways, I'm ready to roll with the one character I have. Might finish the other guy if need be, but it looks like we'll be fine.
eh I know but when air support is needed can I?
We'll talk about it when the time comes. Let's see if the RP makes it that far first.

Edit-Xer, I just haven't had a good amount of time to read over it with a good nights rest. I'm burning nervous energy from getting a new job.
Zarkun, when I thought up my character, I was thinking of having offshoot program that he's part of be a bit like Cerberus from the Mass Effect Trilogy. Would it be ok if Eric shows up in a convoy from the Chimera Initiative base/lab?
Rejoining. Use my character. Problem fixed.
Right, War, yes, that's fine. Dac, OK.
Can't believe I missed the start...

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