How do I stop mass muta ZvZ?

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It seems like every game I play ZvZ they go mass muta. I just need a good way to stop it. (I'm bronze btw)
2 spores at each base for the first handful; adding on more if they commit
(one behind the minerals the other hugging the opposite side of your hatchery)
a few spore crawlers at each base, if u need a mobile army, cuz if hes smart hell just expand, use hydras and if u can, fungals
Spore crawlers at your mineral lines will protect your workers. But it's important to get an early lead in Zerg vs Zerg... it's not enough to just protect your workers from his mutas. If he gets out a lot of mutas and gets ahead of you, you won't be able to expand. You can build spores all you want to protect the bases you already have.. but it won't help you get new bases.

Then he'll have free control over the map and he'll get 2 then 3 then 4 bases ahead of you, then he can crush you with whatever army he feels like. Eventually he'll out-produce you and run you over.

So it's important in ZvZ to get a very early lead, you should be hammering his workers with speedling into baneling asap and make sure you stay ahead of him in worker count, always leave a few banes at home too to defend against counter attacks.
a few spore crawlers at each base, if u need a mobile army, cuz if hes smart hell just expand, use hydras and if u can, fungals

You mean Zerglings. If you need a mobile army use Zerglings to prevent them from expanding while you do, preferably with +1 armor so they can take a Baneling hit.
Creep spread is a good idea, as it helps you get Queens to an expansion. Overlords can start creep at a potential expansion site so you can get Spores in place before the Hatchery finishes.
mass queens.
spore prevents mutalisks from hurting you.
queens stop him from finding angles.

infestor is what truly punishes mass mutalisk. if you get a fungal near a sporecrawler he loses everything. He can't do any damage to you when he splits his mutalisks because spores are so effective now.

spores and queens alone should be enough to secure a 3rd base. infestors stop him from making 30 mutalisks.

infestor + mobile anti-air is what lets you move out.

could be infestor + hydra.
could be infestor + queen + nydus
could be infestor + muta of your own.

while this is happening, trade 3rds with him by attacking with your ground units. cancel his 3rd and try to save your own with spore/queen. with buffed spores, the trade generally is better for the ground zerg.
You defend Muta's in zvz by having more Muta's then your opponent. This requires a better economy. Or by ling bane all-inning :P

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