Need a zvz coach ( i am plat )

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Hey there, this season i have felt myself improving quite a bit so far - but the one matchup i have not been improving in, and actually doing MUCH worse in is zvz.

I feel i need a coach who can maybe help me out with some early game decision making to stick to and a solid opener (i have been going 15pool, 14 gas, 17 hatch just about every zvz i play - and with this i can either speedling all in , pressure ling bane, or defend with ling bane and transition into mid game) - i feel this is a pretty safe build but my issue is when to switch to roaches or mutas (most games i will dominate early game with good baneling trades, but then lose because the opponent gets to roaches before i do or they go mutas and i cannot leave my base (spores defend me well, but their muta flock gets way too big by the time i have hydras out with my roaches + they have had map control and usually can get a 3rd/4th easily.

Please pm Contend#755 on (NA) if you are able to give me a hand with the zvz matchup and perhaps analyze some replays and let me know the huge mistakes i make ! (i can notice some but most of my games come down to losing because i stay on ling bane too long)

Cheers !

~ Rob

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