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My friend just bought StarCraft II on a whim, and is now blaming me for all the problems. See, he installed it the first time, signed up for the account and put in his key and all that. It finished installing. Now, this friend of mine has so many layers of security on it that you can't even see the computer XD so of course the blizzard updater came up and went on an infinite loop (like it would start downloading a patch, say it finished, then start another one) on and on and on for like 2 hours. So i said stop it, and we downloaded the 1.1.2 patch from blizz's site, and installed that no problem. THEN my friend went on, got to the login screen, put in his email (but not his password as the box wasn't there) pressed connect. It then came up with a message like "Awaiting response from" and it would just keep spinning, so after many tries with that i pressed play offline. It then said "to enable offline play connect to to authorize your game" or something like that. SO we tried an uninstall/reinstall and all the same problems happened. I made sure, on his account, that Starcraft is indeed registered with the key and is set at active and all that, which it all is. So what is going wrong?
As a test, I tried to download the game client on his comp (to test the blizzard downloader, which is unblocked by his firewall / antivirus and all that.) Tracker is not responding. I knew that i needed to forward port 3724, except i can't because none of us know the username or password to his router. Is there any way around?
OK so the first thing to note is that when you install the game it has to download all the patches 1 by 1. This can look like its downloading the same patch over and over. 2 Hours is a bit excessive but this might be the first issue. Can you let it download through at least 5 or 6 patches and then see what happens?
Now, this friend of mine has so many layers of security on it that you can't even see the computer XD

This is a ID 10 T error.

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