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Swarm Host - powerfull siege unit, that becomes available at same time as Infestor, costs 200 minerals and 100 gas, takes up 3 supply and have exactly same amount of HP and armor as Siege Tank: 160 HP and 1 starting armor. They are classified as "Biological - Armored", Locusts are "Biological - Light".

Their DPS is 12x2 damage per 0.86 seconds, which gives 27,91 DPS from two Locusts. To deal damage Locusts must reach enemy so they can shoot at 3 range. On creep they can move 40% faster, which means their speed grows from 1.88 to 2.65. Well, in many cases main point of Locusts is not about dealing damage. It's more about fearing enemy and holding some territory and tank damage for other Zerg units. I want to discuss them more intensively, how to better kill them, how to better use them, what mistakes should be avoided and how. Here you will see some tips how to use Swarm Hosts, some facts about their control and great games with Swarm Host (SH) usage, epic moments with some Zerg unit compositions, including SH.

Reminder. I can't guarantee that some of these tips/strategies may be effective or work well. It's all about experimenting with it and trying to vary your gameplay. This is just basic and fundamental guide about Swarm Hosts, that I want to bring to you and discuss about these great Swarmy units with you.

Due to inability to post here all the pictures, videos, and post full article here, so you can see here only preview part. Full article can be found by visiting links below.

Full guide
English - http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=394256#1
Russian - http://pr3d.ru/existor/96-sh-article
Updated original article at "Hold mode & Burrow" section with one new video and some more info
As an American, I really freaked out when I saw "27,91 DPS from two Locusts" .
Thanks, though. Very helpful :)
06/22/2013 01:49 PMPosted by BobSacamano
As an American, I really freaked out when I saw "27,91 DPS from two Locusts"

Yeah, that was when I was really creeped out. Then I realised my training in Math, and my life was fine.

Anyway, a nice guide. I don't play Zerg, but I was mainly reading this out of interest. It's a nice guide, written well, and I do like the part of how it's also written in Russian.
Thanks for comments. Added category about Hydroaches & Swarm Hosts and one new video about Stephano's turtle style at the end of "Turtle Zerg" category right after three Day[9]'s videos
I hope you aren't trying to take credit for this, because it is a masters zerg named Rekatan, who made this guide o.O
Existor goes so far beyond anything I've made with this guide Barcode, and he gives me a lot of credit in it. Also, technically, Existor wrote the original version of this guide before I ever released my swarmhost vs protoss guide.

So ya, no worries, Existor is totally legit with this guide :D
I win way more games with Swarm Hosts than I do with other units. Thanks for the guide. I'm actually beating Terran bio with it now too.
When you go mass queen ultra and add ultras to it vs Terran, that's pretty awesome, very cost effective.

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