Uninstalling language?

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Hey, I know this is a strange use-case..

As a prank one of my friends installed a different language pack on my Starcraft 2 (I think it's Korean).

I know how to change the language back, but everytime I start up starcraft it tries to continue the installation of said language pack. Is there any way to selectively uninstall just the language pack? Or do I need to uninstall the entire game and reinstall from scratch?
Why does it matter that it's installed. Just let it finish and be out of sight out of mind. Just think about all the Poor sods that never bought HOTS, yet had to install it ya know? Could be worse. Could be way way worse.
The drive SC was on was kinda old and SC took up a big chunk of it's free space already. I decided to instead move SC to my SSD, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it as stated. Note that if you uninstall SC and want to truly reinstall it you'll need to google "clean uninstall starcraft 2" and find some instructions to remove all traces of the installer/updater. Otherwise it just installs to the same location.

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