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Forgot to mention something important. This takes place about the same time as... Oh, what was that RP we did with Korozain? It was about that ship... That one ship... That got infested by zerg... AGH

Anyways, its before Zerg and Protoss is public knowledge. Only high ranking officials know they exist.
"Eh, I'll try it out."

Name: Ivan Hovis
Age: 39
Primary Weapon of Choice: Pulse Rifle (If not allowed it will be the C-14 Impaler Gauss Rifle)
Second Weapon of Choice: Torrent SR-8 Shotgun (If the Pulse Rifle is not allowed I am going with a Wrist Cannon)
Defining Characteristics: A large white scar runs down his left cheek. His eyes are a striking light blue. His skin colour is a lightly tanned white and he has short blonde hair, keeping very close to his head.

Backstory: (Will include at another time. I require sleep.)
Thanks, SF, I appriciate it!

This should be really good. As long as I don't screw it up...
Thane you haven't screwed up before at least as far as I know or care. Except with SS.
Lol. Thanks Morph. This should be pretty straightforward, so there is nothing to fear.

C'mon guys, don't leave me hanging :(
Sorry Thane, it's just bad timing. There's a lot of RPs trying to get off the ground right now. 3 PRPs, 2 of which are Zarkun's and the other one belongs to Korozain. Darkra also has an RP trying to make it past 1 thread.

So be patient and give things time.
War you forget Epilogue also might make a char not sure yet though.
And then there's that. But were simply waiting on Draconus to but that up. Its not like there are a lack of people in that one.

So yeah, the RPs that Im in or signed up for:
PKA (active)
The Gate Project (active)
Darkest Heart (active but slow)
Final Stand (PRP)
Fantasiora (active but just started)
DarkBlade (PRP)
Epilogue (PRP)

This looks like a lot of fun, but your timing kinda sucks. If some of the other PRPs don't make it off the ground, (and life doesn't throw me a curveball) I'll most likely join.
Okay cool, I'll wait this out if people don't join. Thanks :D
Are all of us war pigs or can it be like a ghost or something
If you want someone who isn't a warpig you have to at least have one warpig before I can consider your second character.

Even though things are looking bad, If I get enough people I'll go ahead and start. If not, I'll just let this die and resurrect it when things are quiet.
I'd join, but I'm already in PKASC, Templar, Gate Project and Fantasiora, plus DMing Darkest Heart, plust most likely gonna end up DMing DarkBlade and Final Stand, which will start next Saturday, work schedule willing, and both will need to go slower, though not overly so, than last time.

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