game lags/freezes everytime i move the mouse

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everytime i move my mouse or click the game would freeze or would cause me to lag. as soon as i let it go and not move anything the games runs smooth. ive tried on different settings but still the same thing even on the lowest possible. it was running perfectly fine up till about two weeks ago

Processor AMD FX 6core 3500mhz


Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560
I'm having the same issue.
I'm having the same problem as well.
Let's try these steps first, and see how it goes:

1) Delete the Variables.txt file from C:\Users\<username>\Documents\StarCraft II
2) Boot into a Selective Startup.
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That worked, Velnrak! Thanks!
I'm having the same issue, I already done this step still experiencing lags whenever I moved my mouse, it happens in all of my blizzard games

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